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Abilities (KHUχ)

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The Ability system in Kingdom Hearts Union χ is implemented entirely through Medals.

The primary type of ability is Special Attacks (アビリティ Abiriti?, lit. "Ability"). Special attacks are tied to Medals, with each Medal having a different special attack. Medals may also have passive abilities attached to them in the form of Skills (スキル Sukiru?), Traits (覚醒能力 Kakusei Nōryoku?, lit. "Awakening Ability"), and Special Traits (特別覚醒能力 Tokubetsu Kakusei Nōryoku?, lit. "Special Awakening Ability").

Special Attacks[edit]

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Each Medal may have up to one Skill attached to it. A Skill can be added to a medal by fusing with a Scrooge Medal or Trait Medal.


Each Medal has between 1 and 5 Trait Slots to which a Trait can be assigned. Traits can be purchased from the Moogle Shop, and random traits can be obtained by fusing two of the same Medal together. Each Medal also has one Special Trait Slot to hold a Special Trait, a different set of abilities obtained exclusively through Spirit Training.