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Nano Arms

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Nano Arms (ナノアームズ Nano Āmuzu?) is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to transform the Keyblade into a variety of nano-based weapons.


Nano Arms transforms the Keyblade into a broadsword with a blade made of nano and twin blades sticking out from the sides. It can then transform further into a variety of nano, black-shaded weapons.


Extracted by VladVidya

In Kingdom Hearts III, Nano Arms is the Formchange of the Nano Gear Keyblade, associated with Blitz Form. Its basic attacks are identical to Sora's basic attacks, but its Nano Transform ability allows it to mimic attacks from various other Formchanges, such as Clock Drill, Blizzard Claws, Hyper Hammer, Storm Flag, and Twin Yo-Yos. The combo finisher has Sora generate a rocket fist and fire it forward.

The Finish command has Sora leap into a portal before generating several other portals around himself and firing streams of nano out of them.


Learning Nano Arms[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • The Nano Gear has Nano Arms as its Formchange.