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Prizes (プライズ Puraizu?) or orbs, simply named items (アイテム aitemu?) in Kingdom Hearts, are recurring minor items and drops that appear throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. They come in a variety of forms and often serve as restorative items, currency, or collectables.

Prizes may appear when minor enemies are defeated, certain boss enemies take set amounts of damage, or certain props are attacked. In addition, some allies or summons may generate prizes during battle. Dropped prizes are gathered by walking or standing over them. In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, prizes are gathered automatically.

Some abilities may be equipped to increase the number of prizes dropped, such as Jackpot, or to enhance their effects, such as HP Prize Plus. In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, the Prize Cheat in the Stat Matrix alters the drop rate of prizes in proportion to enemy strength. Equipping Treasure Magnet makes it easier to gather dropped prizes.

Recurring Prizes[edit]

HP Prizes[edit]

HP Prizes, also called HP Orbs, are depicted as bright green orbs, sometimes outlined in red. They fill the player's HP gauge, and their effect can be enhanced by abilities such as Prize Power. HP prizes appear in every game in the Kingdom Hearts series. In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, HP orbs are not dropped by enemies and are only obtained by interacting with props in the many rooms of Castle Oblivion.

Aside from being dropped by enemies and certain props, HP prizes are generated by the Paradise and Lucky Bounty sleights, Aladdin's Quickplay ability, and Stitch's ukulele. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the HP Prize Plus ability increases the number of HP prizes enemies drop, and the Energy Magnet command draws HP prizes out of enemies. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, the Block Bonus ability may generate HP prizes on a successful block. In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, the HP Showers Forecast increases the number of HP prizes enemies drop.


Main article: Munny

Munny is the primary recurring currency in the Kingdom Hearts series, and it is represented by gold octahedrons. Munny appears in every game, with the exception of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and its remake, and it is used to purchase items, commands, equipment or ingredients at shops. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, munny is used solely for panel synthesis, with normal purchases made with Heart Points. Panels can still be sold to the Moogle in exchange for munny.

Aside from being dropped by enemies and certain props, munny can be generated by the Steal Munny ability in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. The Munny Plus ability in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and the Munnystorm Forecast in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance double the amount of munny enemies drop.

MP Orbs[edit]

MP Orbs fill the player character's MP gauge. They appear in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II and are depicted as transparent, bubble-like orbs. In Kingdom Hearts II, there is a small, red-tinted bubble at each center.

In Kingdom Hearts, Bambi's Paradise ability generates MP orbs regularly. The ghostly spirits that haunt the Underworld drop MP orbs when struck, and attacking Kurt Zisa's bubble shield and the Grim Reaper's cursed form release MP orbs.

Prize Boxes[edit]

Prize Boxes, also called item boxes, are enemy drops that contain items, including usable items, weapons, synthesis materials, or commands. They appear in every game aside from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, and they are typically depicted as rounded pods or chests that come in a variety of designs and colors. Prize boxes are dropped more rarely than normal prizes, but the drop rate can be increased by equipping abilities such as Lucky Strike. In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, the Loot Cheat in the Stat Matrix increases the drop rate of items in exchange for lowering Data-Sora's maximum HP. In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, the Treasure Front Forecast increases the amount of Prize Boxes enemies drop.

Focus prizes[edit]

Focus prizes restore the Focus Gauge. They appear in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- and Kingdom Hearts III. Focus prizes are dropped by enemies or props and appear as glowing orange orbs. In Kingdom Hearts III, small prizes restore 3 Focus and large prizes restore 5 Focus.

Olympus Coliseum prizes[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, specialized orbs appear at Olympus Coliseum, during training mini-games and Coliseum cups. These orbs are adorned with the Olympus symbol, simplified to a lightning bolt in 358/2 Days. Orbs are released during mini-games by destroying pots or barrels and during cups by defeating enemies, and using combos and chaining increases the amount of orbs that appear. Gathering orbs increases the player's score.

Hunny orbs[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, mini-games in the 100 Acre Wood often require the player to collect orbs of honey to increase their score. In Kingdom Hearts II, if Sora is hit during a mini-game, he will be separated from Winnie the Pooh and will be unable to collect orbs.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Gummi Ship prizes[edit]

During the Gummi Ship sequences in Kingdom Hearts, prizes are dropped by enemies and obstacles alike when destroyed. Enemy Gummi Ships will drop Gummi Blocks (グミブロック Gumi Burokku?) or, rarely, a blueprint (設計図 sekkeizu?). Breakable obstacles will usually drop Armor (シールドアイテム Shīrudo Aitemu?, lit. "Shield Item"), Power (エネルギーアイテム Enerugī Aitemu?, lit. "Energy Item"), or Shield (バリアアイテム Baria Aitemu?, lit. "Barrier Item") prizes when destroyed. Armor prizes restore the Gummi Ship's Armor gauge, which acts as its health gauge, Power prizes restore the Power gauge, which powers the ship's special attacks and replaces the standard MP gauge, and Shield prizes restore segments of the Shield bar, which is added by the Shield-G and Shield2-G gummis. The more durable obstacles, often depicted as asteroids, drop Special (スペシャルアイテム Supesharu Aitemu?, lit. "Special Item") prizes when destroyed, which restore all active gauges.

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the number of prizes collected adds to the score of the Gummi Mission, along with the number of enemies and obstacles destroyed.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Experience prizes[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, defeated enemies drop prizes that grant experience. These prizes come in a variety of shapes, including blue octahedrons, red jewels, and silver pearls, which come in various sizes and award various amounts of experience.

The blue and red experience prizes come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The blue jewels are worth 1, 10, and 60 EXP, the red jewels 5, 30, and 99 EXP respectively. The pearls come in one size, and are worth 1400 EXP.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Experience prizes have the same size, regardless of how much EXP they are worth.

Moogle Point orbs[edit]

Main article: Moogle Point

Moogle Points are the currency of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, used to purchase Cards at Moogle Shops, and they are depicted as red orbs. Small orbs are worth 4 points, and large orbs are worth 10 points. Moogle Point orbs are obtained by smashing and jumping onto various objects throughout each room in Castle Oblivion, defeating White Mushrooms and Black Fungi in battle.

Additonally, in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Moogle Points are dropped by enemies using the Sandstorm or Hummingbird sleights, and can be lost by slipping on the bananas left by a Bouncywild's Banana Attack.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Drive orbs[edit]

Drive Orbs fill the Drive Gauge in Kingdom Hearts II and are depicted as swirling yellow orbs. While in a Drive Form or using a summon, Drive orbs slightly fill the Form and Summon gauges, respectively. Collecting Drive orbs while in Master Form earns experience for the form.

Aside from being dropped by enemy Heartless, many props in the Land of Dragons and Beast's Castle drop Drive orbs when destroyed, and the Cavern of Remembrance contains several balloon-like objects that drop Drive orbs when attacked, each before a Growth ability challenge. Additionally, the Drive Converter ability converts dropped munny into Drive orbs. Notably, Nobodies never drop Drive orbs when they are defeated.

While executing Trinity Limit in Kingdom Hearts II, with Donald and Goofy in the party, the "Major Drive" command launches a spray of Drive orbs at enemies. This is purely a visual effect, however, and this does not deplete the Drive Gauge.

The Drive Recovery, High Drive Recovery, and Limit Recharge items resemble Drive orbs.


The Struggle Orbs appear in Kingdom Hearts II, in the Struggle minigames. In the start of a Struggle battle, each player starts with one hundred colored Struggle orbs. When a participant is hit, it will drop orbs in the field, which either player can collect to increase their score. The number of dropped orbs depends on the strength of the attack. If a player is stunned because of losing all their HP, they will lose only three orbs per hit until they recover. Any collected orbs will change to the color of the player who collected them. the player with more orbs when the time runs out wins the battle. If a participant collects all the two hundred orbs before time runs out, it automatically wins the battle.

Morale orbs[edit]

These orbs are unique to the Land of Dragons, and they must be collected to refill the continuously depleting Morale Gauge during certain missions. The orbs come in multiple sizes with larger orbs restoring a bigger portion of the Morale Gauge. They are dropped by defeated enemies and broken crates. If Sora is struck during a mission, he drops Morale orbs, and the Morale Gauge is slightly depleted.

Cluster orbs[edit]

These orbs are unique to Space Paranoids, and they are collected to fill the Cluster Gauge to activate various effects during certain events. They are dropped by defeating enemies and attacking certain environmental objects during these segments.

Gummi Ship prizes[edit]

They are dropped by various enemies during Gummi Ship missions.

Mushroom No. 3 prizes[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, during the duel against No. 3, it drops prizes that must be collected quickly before they disappear. They are depicted as transparent bubbles, surrounding a purple and blue orb with an orange four-pointed star in the center.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Mission Point prizes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]

D-Link Prizes[edit]

Main article: Dimension Link

D-Link Prizes fill the D-Link gauge in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and are depicted as light blue octahedrons. The Link Prize Plus ability increases the number of D-Link prizes enemies drop. Additionally, the D-Link Magnet command draws D-Link prizes out of enemies.

Gluttonous Goo[edit]

Jelly Glee Tea Orb A KHBBSFM.png Jelly Glee Tea Orb B KHBBSFM.png Jelly Glee Tea Orb C KHBBSFM.png Jelly Glee Tea Orb D KHBBSFM.png Jelly Glee Tea Orb E KHBBSFM.png Jelly Glee Tea Orb F KHBBSFM.png Jelly Glee Tea Orb G KHBBSFM.png Jelly Glee Tea Orb H KHBBSFM.png

Floating Flora[edit]

Kingdom Hearts coded[edit]

Debug balls[edit]

Debug balls appear in Kingdom Hearts coded. They fill the Debug Gauge and are earned by defeating enemies.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

SP prizes[edit]

SP Prize KHREC.png

SP prizes appear in the System Sectors in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and are depicted as shiny yellow orbs with horizontal rings. They award System Points (SP), and they are earned by destroying Bug Blox and defeating enemies within the Sector.

SP may be wagered on a floor challenge for extra SP, and SP are exchanged for Stat Chips, Deck Commands, or other items at the end of the Sector.

Score prizes[edit]

Score prize KHREC.png

Score prizes appear in the Keyhole areas of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and are represented by dark green orbs. They are typically dropped upon defeating enemies or destroying Bug Blox.

Scores may be boosted by retaining a high HP and defeating the boss in record times. Getting a sufficiently high score earns various rewards, as detailed in the World Scorecard.

Timer prizes[edit]

Timer prize KHREC.png

Timer prizes appear in Agrabah and the Agrabah room in Castle Oblivion. They add time to the clock while Data-Sora chases after Iago, and they are depicted as red and white clocks. They are dropped upon defeating enemies and destroying Bug Blox. Timer prizes come in three different sizes that add one, five, and ten seconds to the clock, respectively.

Data prizes[edit]

Matrix Orb.png

Data prizes appear within Data-Riku's datascape in Hollow Bastion Part II. They restore portions of Data-Sora's Matrix Power and are depicted as blue orbs that come in two sizes, restoring 1% and 3%, respectively. They are dropped upon defeating Prize Bugs and breaking Prize Blox.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]


Droplets are dropped by defeated Nightmares and are depicted as purple droplets. They reward Drop Points (DP) which are used to redeem prizes, including items, commands, and temporary stat boosts, at the Relay Bonus screen after the player drops. They resemble pink teardrops.

Dive prizes[edit]

Gold, star-shaped prizes appear in Dive Mode. The prizes increase the end score for the Dive and are sometimes also required as part of a dive's goal. Large prizes, depicted as large gold stars with small gold orbs at their points are worth more than regular prizes.

Magic prizes[edit]

Magic prizes appear in Dive Mode, in set locations of specific dives. When picked up, they award the player either the Mega Flare or Laser Spin special magic attack. Magic prizes containing Mega Flare are depicted as large orange orbs with several yellow shapes inside, while magic prizes containing Laser Spin are depicted as large green orbs with several bright-green lasers inside.

Other drops[edit]

Some dropped items, while similar in nature to prizes or prize boxes, are not classified as either of these.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

  • Interacting with certain props in the many rooms of Castle Oblivion will generate battle cards that, once collected, can be added to Sora's deck. Additionally, during battles, friend cards may randomly appear when attacking an enemy. Collecting them automatically adds them to the top of Sora or Riku's deck, until they are used or until the end of battle. If Sora is hit by Whirlwind to the Void, he drops all the cards in his deck, including the Reload Card, and he must collect them again in order to replenish his deck. Additionally, the last enemy standing in battle will drop a map card or an enemy card when defeated, as long as Sora or Riku has room to carry it.
  • Enemies may drop either a Premium Bonus or Roulette Bonus prize when defeated in battle, allowing the player to use a roulette wheel to select a battle card from their deck to upgrade to a Premium Card, or to select a map card to add to their collection, respectively.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • When an Undead Pirate or Gambler in possession of a stolen medallion is defeated, they will drop the medallion on the ground for Sora to collect. Additionally, during the second battle against the Grim Reaper, Sora must repeatedly force the Heartless to drop medallions, which he must collect and return to their chest.
  • During Sora's second visit to Halloween Town, Heartless in possession of stolen Christmas presents will drop them when defeated, leaving them for Sora to collect.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

  • Dream Pieces are not dropped as generic prize boxes, as synthesis materials are in other games. Instead, the appearance of a dropped Dream Piece matches the most common form of its type, usually a Figment.