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Interceptor Wing

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Interceptor Wing (インターセプトジェット Intāseputo Jetto?, lit. "Intercept Jet") is a Team Attack that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to team up with Baymax and attack enemies while in the air.


Extracted by VladVidya

In Kingdom Hearts III, Interceptor Wing is a Situation Command used by Baymax and Sora while Baymax is in the party. When used, Sora jumps on Baymax's back, upon which Baymax can be freely controlled to fly around. While the Situation Command is active, the user can perform a combo of punching moves which deal Physical damage, with the fourth attack in the combo resulting in a finisher where Sora and Baymax strike upwards at the enemy together, with Strike, repeatedly fire magic projectiles from the Keyblade at the enemy with Shoot, perform a high speed dodge with Aerial Dodge, end the Situation Command with Cancel, or initiate the finishing move with Finish. If Finish is not used within 20 seconds, the Situation Command will automatically end.

When the Finish command is used, Baymax and Sora repeatedly charge at the enemy with their weapons while firing shots, dealing Physical damage, upon which the Situation Command ends.

In the fight against Dark Baymax, Interceptor Wing is used for the entirety of the fight, and functions slightly differently. Cancel is no longer available; however, Care Spray can now be used, allowing the user to fully restore their HP, along with a variant of the normal Finish command named Sky Strike which can be used upon filling up the Situation Gauge.

Learning Interceptor Wing[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Interceptor Wing is available as soon as Baymax joins the party and can be used while Baymax is in the party.