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Ultimate Form

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Ultimate Form
Japanese アルティメットフォーム Sora Ultimate Sprite KHIII.png
Rōmaji Arutimetto Fōmu

Keyblades Ultima Weapon

Ultimate Form is a Form in Kingdom Hearts III. It is triggered exclusively by Ultima Weapon and changes Sora's clothes to a design very similar to Final Form. It allows him to teleport around the battlefield and use multiple swords to overwhelm enemies with fast and powerful swipes that also possess great range.


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Ultimate Form is signified by Sora's clothes adorning a silvery-white and black color scheme, similar to Final Form. Black wisplike stripes can be seen on his pant legs and three crowns on each of his sleeves.

In this Form, the Ultima Weapon Formchanges into a rainbow-colored sword with a red heart symbol near the guard. Its blade is split into two segments and is pointed towards the tip. Sora also uses several auxiliary swords that sport various gilded and ornate designs colors, both in offense and defense. Ultimate Form alters Sora's appearance in other worlds:

  • In his Toy Box form, Sora's appearance is mostly the same, however his sleeves lack crowns and his pant legs lack stripes.
  • In his Monstropolis form, Sora's jacket is of the Ultimate Form color scheme, and his fur and hair are both white.
  • In his The Caribbean form, Sora has crowns on his cuff links, three crowns instead of one on his hat, and his bandana is white with swirl patterns. His inner shirt is white and the insides of his coat tails have a swirl pattern like his pants in his standard Ultimate Form appearance.


FC Sprite Ultimate Form KHIII.png

In Kingdom Hearts III, Ultimate Form is the Formchange of the Ultima Weapon Keyblade. It has a base duration of 30 seconds and a maximum combo length of 6. Its basic combos barrage the enemy with multiple blade that deal high damage. Its Teleport ability ensures that Sora will always be near the enemy when attacking, as well as providing invincibility while teleporting. Ultimate Form also comes with several powerful defensive abilities such as Second Chance, Withstand Combo, and Leaf Bracer.

When in Ultimate Form, certain mobility abilities change as follows:

  • Sora can Air Slide on the ground outside of combat.
  • When using Aerial Dodge, Sora teleports in the direction of Left Stick and can be used on the ground.
  • If Aerial Dodge is not equipped, Sora can Air Slide in combat on both ground and air even if he does not have it equipped.

The Finish command has Sora attack 15 times with countless swords flying around, then releases 7 light pillars in all directions that launch struck enemies.


Form Actions
Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Formchange Performance Attack (フォームチエンジ演出中の攻撃
Fōmuchenji Enshutsu-chū no Kōgeki
Attack icon Neutral 1.5+0.4(x5) 0+3(x5) 1(x6) 0+0.3(x5) O
Cross Swing & Drill Rush (十字振り&きりもみ突進
Jūji Furi & Kiri-momi Tosshin
Attack icon Neutral 0.4(x6) 3(x6) 1(x6) 0.3(x6) O
Vertical Spin Swing & Cross Throw (縦回転振り&交差投げ
Tate Kaiten Furi & Kōsa Nage
Attack icon Neutral 0.4(x4) 3(x4) 1(x4) 0.3(x4) O
Forward Whirlwind Spin Throw (前方旋風回転投げ
Zenpō Senpū Kaiten Nage
Attack icon Neutral 0.4(x7) 3(x7) 1(x7) 0.3(x7) O
Spiral Drove Attack icon Neutral 0.8(x4) 7(x4) 1(x4) 0.25(x4) O
Summon a circle of blades that dive at the enemy like bird. (Combo finisher)
Radiant Brands Attack icon Neutral 1.6 8 1 0.25 O
Attack enemies from underfoot with blades of light. (Combo finisher)
Circle of Light Attack icon Neutral 2.8 8 1 0.25 O
Call forth blades of light that coil their way outward. (Combo finisher)
Blade Barrier
Press Square to guard against attacks from all directions.
Counter Blade Attack icon Neutral 1.5 8 5 0 O
Press X after a successful block to strike back at surrounding foes with blades of light. (Reprisal)
Finish (フィニッシュ
Attack icon Neutral 0.3(x15)+6.0 0 1(x15)+5 0 O
Attacks 15 times with countless swords flying around, then releases 7 light pillars in all directions that launch struck enemies.
Ability Description
Teleport Instantly close the distance between you and the target.
Hover Skate along the ground.
Combo Master Continues combos even if your swings miss the enemy.
Leaf Bracer Always finish casting recovery magic, even if you are hit by attacks in the process.
Second Chance Always retain at least 1 HP if your are hit while you have 2 HP or more.
Withstand Combo Always retain at least 1 HP if you are hit while you have 2 HP or more HP. You will remain protected throughout the enemy's combo.
MP Hastera Recharge MP 20% faster when you run out. Stack the ability to increase the effect.
Hidden Potential Gain additional Strength and Magic when battling powerful foes.


Ultimate Form is the strongest Formchange in terms of raw damage, especially given that the Ultima Weapon comes equipped with Combo Boost and Air Combo Boost. The fast and multi-hitting nature of Ultimate Form's blades also complements Ultima Weapon's Situation Boost, giving it a supportive function in building Situation Commands for other Formchanges and Grand Magic. The attacks themselves have excellent range and have great cancel windows for blocking or dodging incoming attacks. Ultimate Finish is especially devastating, hitting multiple enemies around Sora before unleashing large swords of light that circle around him similar to Salvation. Sora can teleport towards his targets by pressing the attack button if he is within range and his dodge will be affected based on whether or not Aerial Dodge is equipped. If equipped, Sora will perform a teleport dodge that covers a similar distance but has greater invulnerability and reaction. Should Aerial Dodge be unequipped, Sora will perform an Air Slide that covers more distance.

Ultimate Form's attacks are hard hitting and do more damage as the length goes on, but it is important for Sora to keep in mind the nature of the attacks themselves. When Sora spins his swords against an enemy, he will send them flying into the air. Sora can choose to continue his combo from there with Spiral Drove, switch to another Keyblade mid combo, or supplement one of his physical attacks with any spell. Following up with Spiral Drove allows Sora to bring down aerial enemies. If too high in the air, the enemy will fall down too far for Sora to follow up with his other combo finishers. At that point, Sora should follow up with an attack that brings him down to the enemy's position such as the Hyper Hammer or Boom Hammer's downward slam or Falling Slash. All of Ultimate Form's attacks do physical damage only, so equipping magic boosting accessories will not add to its power.

Blade Barrier has the same benefits as a normal barrier while in Guardian Form, allowing Sora to block attacks from all angles and cannot be guard broken. Second Chance and Withstand Combo are inherent passives when in Ultimate Form and can save Sora if he has not obtained them through leveling up and he cannot be stunned while in it.

Ultimate Form has no real major downside and is excellent for any combat scenario. Whether it is for fighting bosses or mob fights, Sora is a force to be reckoned with thanks to his enhanced attack power, magic, high mobility, and defensive capabilities.

Other appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Sora's Ultimate Form outfit render for SSBU
Sora's Ultimate Form in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sora's Ultimate Form appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an outfit variation for Sora.