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Overlay command

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Overlay commands appear during side-scrolling and 3D Shooting segments of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, as substitutes for traditional deck commands. In these mini-games, only one command slot is available, causing a newly acquired Overlay command to replace an old one. Unlike regular commands which have reload times, Overlay commands have a set number of uses before they are depleted. Each mini-game has a different set of Overlay commands.

Overlay commands are obtained by picking up diamond-shaped power-ups, which are commonly found throughout the mini-games. They have four different elements, which are indicated by their distinctive colors; red represents Fire, blue represents Blizzard, yellow represents Thunder and green represents Aero. Each element gives a different command.

List of Overlay commands[edit]

Side-scrolling commands[edit]

Ability Number of Uses Description Obtained
Fire Lunge (ファイアランジ Faia Ranji?) 10 Data-Sora dashes forward while thrusting his Keyblade in a spiral of flames. Red power-ups
Blizzard Dart (ブリザドダート Burizado Dāto?) 5 A spinning ball of ice appears above Data-Sora's head, firing bullets of ice ahead of him at a downward slant. The bullets can bounce off the ground and metal blox, and it may freeze enemies on impact. Blue power-ups
Thunder Rain (サンダーレイン Sandā Rein?) 5 Sends a rippling stream of lightning bolts raining down both ahead and behind of Data-Sora. Yellow power-ups
Wind Spin (ウィンドスピン Windo Supin?) 10 Data-Sora spins with his Keyblade extended, creating a cyclone that propels him upwards and damages enemies and Bug Blox that come in contact with it. Green power-ups

Rail-Shooting commands[edit]

Ability Number of Uses Description Obtained
Fireball (ファイアボール Faiabōru?) 5 seconds Fires several fireballs. Firing rate can be increased by holding X. Red power-ups
Blizzard Arrow (ブリザドアロー Burizado Arō?) 16 Fires zigzag-homing arrows of ice. Blue power-ups
Thunder Spear (サンダースピア Sandā Supia?) 5 Summons lighting bolts that spread out radially, destroying everything on-screen. Yellow power-ups
Aero Shield (エアロシールド Earo Shīrudo?) 5 seconds Summons a tornado around Data-Sora that acts as a shield, which protects him from damage. The shield is kept active by holding X. Green power-ups