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Style Changes are a gameplay element in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-. They behave similarly to Command Styles from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep in that they are techniques that enhance the user's physical combos.


Style Changes, like Command Styles, are activated by filling up a meter (in this case, three glowing markers) with physical combos. Once the meter is full, the player has a 30-second time limit to activate the Style Change with a Situation Command. The Style Change has a time limit for the user to dish out damage with it, but by filling the meter again with the Style Change, the player is prompted to activate the Style Change Finish command.[1]

List of Style Changes[edit]

Style Change Description How to obtain
Spellweaver logo
(マジックウィッシュ Majikku Wisshu?,
lit. "Magic Wish")
Aqua's default Style Change, which utilizes the power of light to levitate her Keyblade, swiftly attacking enemies while enhancing her magic capabilities as well. The finisher consists of Aqua performing an icy spin attack that can be controlled with the analog stick. Activate one of the gears in Castle Town.
Wayfinder KH0.2.png
(ウェイファインダー Weifaindā?)
Wayfinder is a technique that is randomly activated while fighting alongside King Mickey. The standard combo is a multi-hit combo in which Aqua and King Mickey repeatedly teleport and strike enemies in their path. The finishing move consists of Aqua combining her standard finisher with Mickey's light-based powers, clearing any enemies in their way. Meet Mickey in the Depths of Darkness.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ In the PC version, Style Change Finish commands are available immediately after the player activates Style Changes, akin to Formchanges in Kingdom Hearts III.