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Twin Yo-Yos

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Twin Yo-Yos (ツインヨーヨー Tsuin Yō Yō?) is a Formchange in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to transform the Keyblade into twin yo-yos and assault the enemy with rapid, swinging attacks.


Twin Yo-Yos transforms the Keyblade into two blue yo-yos bearing the Monsters, Inc. logo and blue strings of light. When swung in combat, the yo-yos project mechanical blades that glow blue.


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In Kingdom Hearts III, Twin Yo-Yos is the second Formchange of the Happy Gear Keyblade, associated with Strike Form and following Agile Claws. It has a base duration of 25 seconds and a maximum combo length of 6. Its combos have Sora swing and throw the yo-yos around himself, often flipping around to strike multiple enemies at once and performing yo-yo tricks for finishers. Twin Yo-Yos uses Dual-style Magic.

The Finish command has Sora transform the Keyblade into two sets of teeth that clamp down on the enemy before biting down three times.


Alongside the abilities from Strike Form, Twin Yo-Yos has access to Backslide.

Form Actions
Attack Attribute Power
Guard? Repel LV Status
Keyblade Transformation Attack (キーブレード変形演出中の攻撃
Kīburēdo Henkei Enshutsu-chū no Kōgeki
Attack icon Physical 0.5(x10) 0 1(x10) 0 O
Front 2 Consecutive Throws (正面2連続投げ
Shōmen 2-renzoku Nage
Attack icon Physical 0.4(x4) 3(x4) 1(x4) 0.3(x4) X
Simultaneous Cross Throw (同時交差投げ
Dōji Kōsa Nage
Attack icon Physical 0.8+0.8 7+7 1+1 0.5+0.5 X
Left Right Continuous Upswing (左右連続振り上げ
Sayū Renzoku Furiage
Attack icon Physical 0.4(x4) 3(x4) 1(x4) 0.3(x4) X
Left Spin Continuous Swing (左回転連続振り
Hidari Kaiten Renzoku Furi
Attack icon Physical 0.3(x8) 2(x8) 1(x8) 0.2(x8) X
Backspin Attack icon Physical 0.3(x8) 2(x8) 1(x8) 0.1(x8) O
Face away as you spin your yo-yos at foes. (Combo finisher)
Walk the Dog Attack icon Physical 1.5+1.5 8+8 1+1 0.25+0.25 O
Enlarge your yo-yos and fling them toward foes. (Combo finisher)
Anchor Shot Attack icon Physical 1.0[+1.0] 8[+8] 1[+1] 0.5[+0.5] X
Hook your yo-yos on distant foes and quickly pull yourself closer. Used when the target is at mid-to-long range.
Right Spin Continuous Swing (右回転連続振り
Migi Kaiten Renzoku Furi
Attack icon Physical 0.4(x4) 3(x4) 1(x4) 0.3(x4) X
Used when above or below the target.
Finish (フィニッシュ
Attack icon Physical 0.5+0.25(x8)+1.0(x3) 0 1(x13) 0 O
Transforms yo-yos into the form of a monster's head, and moves slightly forward while the head bites down. Damages enemies repeatedly.

Learning Twin Yo-Yos[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Happy Gear has Twin Yo-Yos as its second Formchange.

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