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Reports are recurring features that appear throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. They are information texts that keeps track of progressing storylines and records information about characters, enemies and game records.

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Main article: Jiminy's Journal

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Main article: Jiminy's Journal


The D-Report.

While Sora's events are chronicled in Jiminy's Journal, the Reverse/Rebirth's storyline data is recorded in the D-Report ("D" standing for "Darkness"[citation needed]). It is divided into three sections with the third section containing another three sub-sections. When a section or sub-section is completed, it is stamped with a Hidden Mickey.

Story is the first section in the D-Report. It summarises the story of Reverse/Rebirth in a number of chapters which are unlocked as Riku progresses through Castle Oblivion.

The second section of the D-Report is Card Index. In Chain of Memories, this section contains descriptions of every card excluding item and map cards and unlike Jiminy's Journal, it does not contain sub-sections for each card type. For Re:Chain of Memories, not only does it have its own subsections with the map cards included as one of them, but also the item cards are given their own entries as well and just like with Jiminy's Journal in the remake, the D-Report also now has descriptions on all the world cards.

The last section is Characters and it contains three sub-sections. The first sub-section, Characters I, contains descriptions for all of the main characters and Organization XIII members. The second sub-section, Characters II, contains descriptions of minor characters like Disney villains. The last sub-section, The Heartless, contains descriptions of each Heartless that Riku faces.

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Main article: Jiminy's Journal

During the prologue of Kingdom Hearts II, beginning from the second day, Roxas has access to Roxas's Journal (ロクサスメモ Rokusasu Memo?, lit. "Roxas Memo"), which provides a very brief story summary of each day and Roxas's current objective.

As standard, Sora's events are chronicled in Jiminy's Journal.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days[edit]

Main articles: Roxas's Diary and Secret Reports

Roxas has a diary that he adds to each day, which chronicles story events. He can also unlock the Secret Reports, entries written by other Organization members.

Enemy Profiles[edit]

The Enemy Profiles contains a description and picture of each enemy that has been encountered. Holding A on an entry brings up a list of the treasures that enemy drops when defeated, divided into six lines. The drops available from a particular enemy changes depending on the mission in which the enemy is fought, and these six lines each correspond to a specific range of missions:

  • first line: Missions 01 - 14
  • second line: Missions 15 - 35
  • third line: Missions 36 - 50
  • fourth line: Missions 51 - 61
  • fifth line: Missions 62 - 72
  • sixth line: Missions 73 - 93

For example, the first line for a Shadow lists a Potion, while the third line lists an Ether. This means that a Shadow fought during Missions 01 - 14 can drop a Potion, while a Shadow fought during Missions 36 - 50 can drop an Ether.

Character Files[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, a new Character Files feature is unlocked after watching every cutscene of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. This database lists every major character of the game with each entry containing an image and short biography.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep[edit]


Aqua, Ventus, and Terra each have their own individual Reports in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which have similar coverage of their progress. When a section or sub-section is fully completed, it is marked with a yellow Mickey stamp.

Each journal contains a Story section, which summarizes the character's adventures in each world they have cleared. The pages of Xehanort's Report that have been obtained can be found under the Secret Reports section, while the Game Records section lists the character's progress in the Mirage Arena, mini-game records, and Hit Counts for Shotlocks, Dimension Link, and Finish commands. In the Final Mix versions of the game, the Unversed Mission is added into the Game Record section.

The Character Files and The Unversed sections cover characters and enemies, respectively, that have been encountered so far. The Command Collection keeps a record of all the Deck Commands, Shotlocks, Dimension Links, Finish Commands, and Abilities that have been obtained, while the Treasures section tracks the Treasure Chests that appear in each world.

In the English and Final Mix versions of the game, the Sticker Album also appears in the Reports.

Trinity Archives[edit]

The Trinity Archives as it appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

The Trinity Archives (トリニティレポート Toriniti Repōto?, lit. "Trinity Report") is another report that provides an overview of Terra's, Ventus's and Aqua's stories compiled together and is unlocked the first time the player clears any episode. Each time a protagonist's episode is cleared for the first time, information from their save file is added to the archives. Saving on an already-cleared file will also update the archives with that file's information - the file does not need to be cleared again. The archives is divided into five sections.

The Timeline displays the entire adventure for all three protagonists in both graphic and text form.

The Theater contains all the cutscenes in the game.

The Trophies section shows all earned trophies.

The Xehanort's Secret Reports compiles all unlocked Reports in one area.

The Game Stats summarizes the player's completion of the game and is divided into four sub-sections, which are all marked with the percentage of completion.

  • The first sub-section, Combat, increases as the player defeats each type of enemy in the game.
  • The Mini-games sub-section increases as more mini-game objectives in the individual reports, outside of the Mirage Arena, are completed.
  • The Story increases as more episodes, scenarios and character sections are completed.
  • The Treasures sub-section increases as each protagonist obtains all treasures in each world, every Keyblade, and every key item.

Additionally, if an individual character's report has been completed, then their version of Terra's Mark will appear next to their face on the archives' main menu.

Trinity Timeline.png

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Debug Reports[edit]

The Debug Reports screen.

The Debug Reports in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded consist of five sections covering various facets of the game, along with a record of the level of completion for each section.

The Trophies section shows the trophies that have been earned on the top screen and tracks various game records and progress towards earning trophies on the bottom screen.

The Collection records all the Stat Chips used and the Bonus Boosters and Cheat Tuners activated on the Stat Matrix, and the Deck Commands and Keyblade, Finish command and Accessory chips that have been obtained.

The Story section summarises the events in each completed chapter of the game.

The Enemy Profiles show all enemies that have been encountered, and it includes descriptions, item drop data, and how many times a type of enemy has been defeated.

The Character Files contains short biographies for each encountered character, as well as their conversation sprites.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]


Sora and Riku both share the same Report in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The categories include:

  • Story: Tells Sora's and Riku's adventure world-by-world in story format, separating them in Sora's or Riku's side of the story.
  • Glossary: Includes all the relevant Glossary files obtained through the story.
  • Completion Rate: Percentage obtained of Combat, Story and Items in the game, plus the Game Time.
  • Game Records: Shows the Score in the different minigames such as Dives, Light Cycle, and the number of enemies killed by Flowmotion or the number that each Link has been used.
  • Character Files: All the characters in the game, separated between the main Characters or world's related characters.
  • Dream Eaters: Full list of all the Dream Eaters.
  • Treasures: List of treasures in each world.
  • Trophy Shelf: Trophies of the game.


  • Tutorials (チュートリアル Chūtoriaru?): Teaches you how to play the game.
  • Flashbacks (回想シーン Kaisō Shīn?): Specific cutscenes can only be view through the Flashbacks slide.
    • The Mark of Mastery Exam (マスター承認試験 Masutā Shōnin Shiken?, lit. "Master Qualification Exam"), unlocked after defeating Ursula.
    • Dream Eaters (ドリームイーター Dorīmu Ītā?), unlocked after encountering Dream Eaters as Sora.
    • The Keyblade War (キーブレード戦争 Kīburēdo Sensō?), unlocked after defeating Beat's Dream Eaters as Riku.
    • Frollo Cautions Quasimodo (フロローの教え Furorō no Oshie?, lit. "Frollo's Instructions"), unlocked after meeting Victor, Hugo, and Laverne as Sora.
    • Dark Obsession (暗い執念 Kurai Shūnen?), unlocked after reaching the Windmill as Riku.
    • When Worlds Dream (世界が見る夢 Sekai ga Miru Yume?, lit. "The Dream the World Sees"), unlocked after meeting Jiminy Cricket as Sora.
    • Pinocchio Lies (ピノキオのウソ Pinokio no Uso?, lit. "Pinocchio's Lie"), unlocked after meeting Jiminy Cricket as Sora.
    • In Search of Monstro (モンストロを捜しに Monsutoro o Sagashi ni?), unlocked after meeting the Blue Fairy as Sora.
    • Father and Son (父と子 Chichi to Ko?), unlocked after meeting Sam as Riku.
    • The Stolen Disc (奪われたディスク Ubawareta Disuku?), unlocked after defeating the Dream Eaters while waiting for Sam as Riku.
    • Overnight Musketeers (銃士隊に任命 Jūshitai ni Ninmei?, lit. "Appointed Musketeers"), unlocked after defeating the Dream Eaters in the Training Yard as Sora.
    • Bon Journey, Princess (とらわれのプリンセス Toraware no Purinsesu?, lit. "Captive Princess"), unlocked after rescuing Minnie as Riku.
    • The Sorcerer's Apprentice (魔法使いの弟子 Mahōtsukai no Deshi?), unlocked after reaching Symphony of Sorcery as Sora.
    • A Magical Mishap (魔法使いの失敗 Mahōtsukai no Shippai?, lit. "Sorcerer's Mistake"), unlocked after reaching the Chamber as Riku.
  • Theater: See Theater Mode
  • Chronicles (クロニクル Kuronikuru?): Kingdom Hearts history.
  • Game Help: Help screens and hints.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]


Becomes available after the cutscene "Heart Within a Heart".

  • Photo Album: View photos Sora has taken.
  • Lucky Emblems: Discover on Sora's Journey the head of Mickey Mouse in various worlds.
  • Classic Kingdom: Play a Black and White handheld game staring Sora and Mickey Mouse.
  • Story: View the game's story.
  • Glossary: Looks at the lore of its key events throughout the game.
  • Secret Reports: Becomes available after player has beaten the game.
  • Character Files: List of various characters.
  • Adversaries: List of various enemies.
  • Treasures: List of various Treasures throughout the worlds.
  • Recipe Collection: List of various recipes created with Little Chef.
  • Synthesis: List of items Sora has Synthesized.
  • Game Records: List of Combat, Missions, and Minigames achieved.