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Flanniversary Badge

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Kingdom Hearts III
Flanniversary Badge
Flanniversary Badge
"Grants a large boost in Strength and Magic."
Japanese プリン・ア・ラ・モード
Rōmaji Purin a ra mōdo
Translation Pudding à la mode
Strength Magic AP
+4 +4 0
MP Hastera, MP Thrift
Satisfy each of the Flantastic Seven at rank A.

The Flanniversary Badge is an accessory introduced in Kingdom Hearts III.


The Flanniversary Badge consists of a cyan cup surrounded by two golden wings. At the cup's center is a chocolate-covered flan surrounded by seven orbs, each representing one of the Flantastic Seven: one deep-green (watermelon), yellow (banana), orange (orange), blue (grape), crimson (cherry), lime-green (honeydew), and dark red (strawberry). It has a golden crown similar to Sora's necklace on top, and is surrounded by two golden curls.

The English name is a portmanteau of the words "flan" and "anniversary," alluding to how it is obtained by satisfying the Flantastic Seven. "À la mode" means "fashionable", but is also used to describe a dessert served with ice cream.