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Sneak Army

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Sneak Army

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Japanese スニークアーミー
Rōmaji Sunīku Āmī

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Stealth Sneak
Veil Lizard
Lurk Lizard
Sneak Army

Kingdom Hearts
A Heartless similar to but more powerful than the Stealth Sneak.
They stay hidden and attack while nimbly darting around.
Though even one is hard to handle, a pair can be found participating in the Coliseum tournament.
Hades Cup 600 40 30 53 300
Weapon Fire Blizzard Thunder
x1.0 x0.49 x0.5 x1.0
Percentage Stop Stun Other
x0.03 x0 x0.5 x0.5

Hades Cup

Seed 34 (Optical Trick): 1 Sneak Army
Seed 7 (Invisible Fear): 1 Sneak Army
Seed 4 (Twin Mirage): 2 Sneak Army

The Sneak Army is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts, but is unnamed until Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. It is a giant chameleon-like Heartless that is capable of turning invisible.


The Sneak Army is a bipedal lizard resembling a chameleon. It has a dark steel blue body, with five short spikes along its back. It often stands hunched over, holding its arms out in front of it. Its entire upper body is covered in stripes of various shades of black and grey, reminiscent of camouflage clothing. Its hands and feet have four toes each, two in front and two in back, with black claws. Its prehensile tail is curled up behind it in a spiral. It has a mouth lined by short, pointed teeth, a pink tongue that can extend to surprising lengths, and large yellow and orange eyes with small black pupils. It also has a large, black horn on the tip of its snout. Its Heartless emblem is on its chest.

The Sneak Army shares the former part of its name with the latter part of the Stealth Sneak, emphasizing that both Heartless are of the same family.[1] "Sneak" means "to hide", referencing its ability to become invisible, and "Army" references the camouflage pattern present on the Heartless.


Sora should apply the same strategy as he did for Stealth Sneak. However, it tends to switch places more frequently than its predecessor, so Sora should Lock-On to it. It is also recommended to use Aeroga to double the damage dealt to the enemy.

The Sneak Army shoots a ball of light from its hands, which can be evaded by simply jumping. It also fires white lasers from its eyes, though they do not have homing properties. Sora can either stay far away from it, or attack it directly at the center of the Sneak Army's head (not the sides, because he will receive damage). Thunder and Gravity magic can also be used effectively, as they are powerful and have a wide area of effect.

Technique Element Tech Power Guard?
Back Kick (バックキック
Bakku Kikku
None x0 4 Repellable
(Recoil: 100)
The Sneak Army turns around and kicks with its back legs.
Body Blow (体当たり
None x0 4 Repellable
(Recoil: 100)
The Sneak Army runs and strikes with its body.
Space Rupture Bullet (空間断裂弾
Kūkan Danretsu-dan
None 6
The Sneak Army brings its glowing front legs together, and shoots a bullet of light.
Charge Beam (チャージビーム
Chāji Bīmu
None 6
The Sneak Army fires a beam from its eyes that chases the opponent.
Guard: Repellable = Can be blocked; Returnable = Can be blocked and deflected back; Preventable = Damage can be avoided by Goofy's shield only.


Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Further proof of the familial connection to the Stealth Sneak is that, when a Sneak Army is defeated, it does not immediately fade into darkness like other Heartless do. Instead, it collapses to the ground. A similar animation to this is used when the player defeats the Stealth Sneak during the battle with Clayton in Deep Jungle.