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Raging Vulture

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Raging Vulture

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Japanese レイジングヴァルチャー
Rōmaji Reijingu Varuchā

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts III
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KHIII tracks
Battle theme - Vim and Vigor
Raging Vulture

Kingdom Hearts III
Freshly escaped from Davy Jones' Locker, Sora, Jack, and the others were all set to celebrate…until this oversized wet blanket on wings flapped in to ruin the moment.

I suppose an epic air skirmish high above the Black Pearl was one way to mark the occasion.
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
The Caribbean 3000 48 24 0
Physical Fire Blizzard Thunder Water
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0
Aero Dark Neutral Rapid-fire
×1.0 ×1.0 ×1.0 ×0.5
Freeze Electrify Stun Hunny

Sora: Air Slide
The Caribbean

The Raging Vulture is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Upon the Black Pearl's return to the living world, the Raging Vulture and a swarm of Vaporfly Heartless prepare to attack the Pearl. The Raging Vulture launches an attack near the Pearl, almost hitting it, and Sora rides the Vaporfly's smoke to pursue it. When it is destroyed, the Raging Vulture and Vaporflies vanish, leaving Sora and his friends to fall into the sea.


The Raging Vulture is a mechanical and wooden Heartless with the appearance of a vulture. The wings of the Heartless is composed of a mechanical wing with a cannon embedded as the joint. Three chained anchors dangle on the Heartless by its neck and two wing joints. There is also a miniature pirate flag attached to the skull-head. The Heartless insignia is present on its chest.


The Raging Vulture may prove a hard boss, especially on level 1 playthroughs. It is recommended to have a high strength stat to defeat it.

For most of the fight, the Raging Vulture flies around the area. It will attack the Black Pearl and increase its damage gauge, resulting in a Game Over if the gauge is completely filled. To prevent this, approach the Raging Vulture to draw its attention towards Sora instead. Sora begins the fight riding one of the Vaporflies, allowing him to damage the boss with rapid-fire projectiles and torpedoes. If dismounted he can mount another one by Airstepping to it or using Rail Slide on its colored smoke to get close enough to use the Ride Situation Command.

When the Raging Vulture is reduced to 70% and 40% HP, it becomes stunned, allowing Sora to mount the boss with the Ride Situation Command and somersault across its back with Circle to reach its head before attacking it. During this phase, the boss will breathe fire at Sora every 11 seconds with Fire Breath, which can be blocked by pressing Square to surround Sora with a barrier. It's safe to attack the Raging Vulture up to 15 times before using Barrier. After 33 seconds pass, the boss will throw him off, returning to its original behavior. With time and patience, the Raging Vulture will fall.

If Sora is low on health at any point in the fight, he can defeat the Vaporflies to gain HP orbs, or dismount the Vaporfly and heal with Cure magic or an item before Airstepping back onto another one.

Technique Element Power Block? Repel LV
Shotgun Fire (ショットガンファイア
Shottogan Faia
Fire 0.5 per hit
Spits numerous fiery homing projectiles from its mouth.
Spinning Bomb (回転爆弾
Kaiten Bakudan
Fire 0.5 per hit
Spins like a drill and accelerates, scattering large bombs in its wake that immediately explode.
Gliding Magic Projectiles (滑空魔法弾
Kakkū Mahō-dan
Neutral 0.5 per hit
Rapidly fires a series of homing light beams from the cannons on both wings.
Fire Breath (ファイアブレス
Faia Buresu
Fire 0.3 per hit
Breathes fire from its mouth.
Guard/Block: △ = Can be blocked; O = Can be blocked and interrupted (melee) or deflected back (projectile); X = Cannot be blocked.

While atop a Vaporfly, it will fly continuously in the faced direction. While in this state Sora gains access to the following commands:

Command Input Description
Burst Shot (バーストショット
R2 or X Rapidly fire projectiles forward when the button is pressed. Deals Neutral (rapid-fire) damage. Power modifier: 0.2
Torpedoes (ロケット
?, lit. "Rocket")
Circle Fire 2 homing missiles. Deals Fire (rapid-fire) damage. Power modifier: 3
Aerial Dodge (エア ドッジ
Ea Dojji
?, lit. "Air Dodge")
Square Quickly move forward. Tilt Left Stick left or right to move in that direction. Grants 0.55 seconds of invincibility from the start of the movement when dodging in a direction other than the front.
Get Off (おりる
L1 Jump off the Vaporfly.


Raging Vulture – Kingdom Hearts III