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The Hringhorn (フリングホルニ, Furinguhoruni?) Heartless from the Last Episode.

Japanese フリングホルニ
Rōmaji Furinguhoruni
Game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
Themes Header.png

KHDR tracks
Battle theme - Hunter of the Dark
Episode LV BP
Last Episode 80 50000
Physical Magic
Normal Normal
Non-element Fire Water
Normal Normal Normal
Lightning Wind Light Darkness
Normal Normal Weak Normal
Poison Sleep Paralysis Blind
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Attack Physical
Passive Effects
Defeat 1 HP +1
Defeat 1 Magic +2
Defeat 1 Magic +10
Defeat 1 Magic +10

Hringhorn is an enemy that appears in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. It is a manifestation of Baldr's darkness and bears the Heartless emblem.[1] It is the final boss of the Last Episode.


Hringhorn's face is black with yellow eyes, it has a serrated jawline, and wears a white helm with a dark gold crescent and a black, spiky ring. The front of its helm features an emblem also present on Hoder's clothes. Its torso is a white chestplate with golden markings and the Heartless emblem emblazoned on it. It has two silver pauldrons with twin horns sticking out of them, and it wears a red, tattered cape overflowing with darkness alongside a black ribbon hanging from its back. It wields twin swords with hooked tips and several notches on the blunt of the blade; when idle, its swords are placed parallel on its torso, the heart-shaped notches over the Heartless emblem.

In Norse mythology, Hringhorni is Baldr's ship, described as the greatest of all ships.

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Despite bearing the Heartless emblem, the Enemy Album does not classify Hringhorn as a Heartless.