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The Hringhorn<span style="font-weight: normal">&#32;(<span class="t_nihongo_kanji" style="white-space:nowrap" lang="ja" xml:lang="ja">フリングホルニ</span><span class="t_nihongo_comma" style="display:none">,</span>&#32;<i>Furinguhoruni</i><span class="t_nihongo_help noprint"><sup><span class="t_nihongo_icon" style="color: #00e; font: bold 80% sans-serif; text-decoration: none; padding: 0 .1em;">?</span></sup></span>)</span> Heartless from the Last Episode.

Japanese フリングホルニ
Rōmaji Furinguhoruni

Type Emblem Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

KHDR tracks
Battle theme - Hunter of the Dark
Episode LV BP
Last Episode 80 50000
Physical Magic Fire Water
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Lightning Wind Light Darkness
Normal Normal Weak Normal
Poison Sleep Paralysis Blind
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Attack Physical
Passive Effects
Defeat 1 HP +1
Defeat 1 Magic +2
Defeat 1 Magic +10
Defeat 1 Magic +10

The Hringhorn is an Emblem Heartless that was introduced in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. It is the boss of the Last Episode.


Hringhorn is a soldier-like Heartless. Its face is black with yellow eyes, and it wears a white helm with a dark gold crescent and a black, spiky ring. The front of its helm features an emblem also present on Hoder's clothes. It also has a serrated jawline. Its torso is a white chestplate with golden markings and the Heartless emblem emblazoned on it. It has two silver pauldrons with twin horns sticking out of them, and it wears a red, tattered cape overflowing with darkness alongside a black ribbon hanging from its back. It wields twin swords with hooked tips and several notches on the blunt of the blade; when idle, its swords are placed parallel on its torso, the heart-shaped notches over the Heartless emblem.

In Norse mythology, Hringhorni is Baldr's ship, described as the greatest of all ships.