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Foreteller Aced

Foreteller Aced KHXBC.png

Katakana 予知者アセッド Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Yochisha Aseddo
Voice actors (Ja:) Subaru Kimura [1]
(En:) Travis Willingham [2]
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
Foreteller Aced

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
One of the Master's disciples who receives a copy of the Book of Prophecies.
He is a fearless Keyblade Master and leader of the Union Ursus. Though he tends to rely on his physical prowess, he has a pure heart and strong sense of justice.
His role is to support their new leader, Ira.

Aced is a Keyblade Master who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. As a Foreteller, he leads the Ursus Union and is an apprentice of the Master of Masters.


Before Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[edit]

Aced is given a Keyblade forged from his own heart by the Master of Masters, who takes Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi, Ira, and Luxu as his apprentices. Aced eventually achieves the rank of Keyblade Master alongside his fellow apprentices.

The Master of Masters bestows a copy of the Book of Prophecies upon Aced, making him a Foreteller and giving Aced leadership over what will become a Union of Keyblade wielders, Ursus. As Aced and the other Foretellers read their copies of the Book of Prophecies, they are shocked by the final entry, which details an event known as the Keyblade War, during which Light would expire and the world would reach its end.

Mysteriously, Luxu disappears, leaving the Foretellers shocked and confused by his disappearance. Shortly thereafter, the Master of Masters requests to meet with Aced alone in the Foreteller's Chamber. Aced arrives before the Master of Masters, who teases Aced by pretending to not know the reason why they are meeting. The Master of Masters then proceeds to inform Aced that his role is to be Ira's right-hand man, much to Aced's confusion. When Aced asks for clarification, the Master of Masters explains that Ira is going to be the new leader once he is gone. Sensing Aced's disappointment, the Master of Masters asks if Aced wanted to be leader instead. Aced initially denies this, but admits his desire to be the leader. While the Master of Masters understands, he tells Aced that enthusiasm alone just isn't enough, and that Ira needs someone like Aced to give him a push in the right direction. Aced agrees, believing that Ira is the most qualified among the Foretellers for the job. However, not understanding why they even need a new leader, Aced asks the Master of Masters if he's not going to be teaching them anymore. Grimly, the Master of Masters mentions that he could one day disappear, and that regardless of whether or not he does it is Aced's job to support, detailing how Ira's too serious and will need Aced to spur him into action. Elaborating, the Master of Masters explains that somewhere down the line Ira's leadership may be brought into question, at which point it is Aced's job to step forward. With this in mind, Aced happily accepts his role and parts ways with the Master of Masters.

Aced, alongside his fellow Foretellers, are soon introduced to a new creation of the Master of Masters's, the Chirithy, with Ava gushing over its cuteness. Though the Master of Master explains that the Spirit Chirithy are meant to aid Keyblade wielders in their endeavors, he warns that should a wielder fall to Darkness, so too will their Chirithy, causing them to transform into a Nightmare. This inspires Aced to suggest that they destroy any Nightmare Chirithy they come across; however Ava refutes such a thing as a possibility. When Gula comments on Aced's identity as the bear because of his scary demeanor, Ava suggests that perhaps Aced could simply growl at the Nightmare instead - mocking him and opening the floor to the Master of Masters, much to Aced's dismay.

Without warning, the Master of Masters fades from the world - and although the Foretellers actively seek him out, they come up with nothing. Following the Master of Masters's teachings, Aced and the other Foretellers begin recruiting Keyblade wielders to each of their Unions; utilizing the powers of their copies of the Book of Prophecies, powers from the future in the form of Medals, to aid their wielders in collecting Lux in order to maintain the balance.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[edit]

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if the Player joins the Ursus Union.

Having watched Player defeat countless Heartless throughout Daybreak Town, Aced approaches Player and commends his abilities. However, Aced offers some words of wisdom in regard to defeating larger Heartless, suggesting that Player combine his strength with fellow Union members and making his friends his power; leaving Player to defeat a Darkside alongside other members of the Ursus Union. After the Darkside is defeated, Aced reappears, warning Player that there are others who collect Light, but that not all among them share the same goal of bringing peace to the world; though Aced leaves it up to Player to discern who walks the path of Darkness; leaving shortly thereafter.

The Foretellers take notice of the Keyblade wielders utilizing Bangles that, when equipped, provide the power to collect dark energy, ultimately settling on the fact that their wielder's utilizing the Bangles was okay.

Ira calls a meeting among the Foretellers in the Foreteller's Chamber, where he announces that there is a traitor among them. Shocked - Invi asks what proof Ira has to make such accusations, prompting Ira to reveal a Chirithy that he caught snooping around. As Ava notes the dark pattern of the Chirithy, Invi suggests that the Chirithy before them could be a Nightmare. Aced immediately denies that he is the traitor - prompting Gula to suggest an easy solution: have each of the Foretellers summon their Spirits. Even so, Invi tells Gula that it's not that easy, because of the amount of wielders under each Union, it would be easy for any of them to summon a Chirithy that isn't a Nightmare. Piping up, Ava questions why the Nightmare even necessarily has to belong to one of the Foretellers. Ira brushes this off as unlikely, reminding everyone of the Bangles - and while the Foretellers don't tend to concern themselves with the tools at their wielders' disposal, Ira is of the mind that the Bangles are the Nightmare's doing. When Ava questions this, Ira explains that utilizing the dark energy collected by the Bangles is the same as wielding the power of Darkness. Commending the plot, Gula elaborates that because all Chirithy look the same and Keyblade wielders are in such high quantity, it'd be impossible to discern who the Nightmare belongs to. As the Foretellers look to Ira for guidance, he suggests that only one of them could have obtained the Bangles, meaning that the traitor has to be one of the Foretellers. Questioning Ira's leadership as he spreads doubt, Aced storms off on his own, adjuring the meeting.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins the Ursus Union.

When Neoshadows appear in Daybreak Town, Player joins three other Keyblade wielders in their efforts to quash the Darkness being spread by the new species of Heartless; however in the end Player is the only one to survive. After Chirithy witnesses another of his kind fade, Aced appears to speak with him; revealing that while the Keyblade wielders are gathering Lux at an amazing rate, the Darkness is spreading even faster. With this, Chirithy asks if that means that there really is a traitor among them - to which Aced states that she's not willing to believe that yet.

One night, Player is shown a dream by Chirithy, in which Aced meets with the Master of Masters in the Foreteller's Chamber alongside Ava, Gula, Invi and Ira - though Nightmare Chirithy quickly puts a stop to this dream.

A few days later, Aced asks Ava and Gula to meet with him, where he voices his frustration against Ira. When Aced asks his fellow Foretellers' opinions on what Ira had said, Gula admits that he doesn't believe it and that Ira's argument had no merit. Ultimately it was just as Invi had said, Ira was making assumptions because of the severity of the situation without any evidence to tie his claims to anyone, let alone tie them to one of the Foretellers. Ava suggests that there may be something Ira hasn't told them, which aggravates Aced further as he believes that as his comrades Ira should trust in them. Mentioning that he doesn't see the Foretellers as comrades, Gula grows impatient as asks what Aced brought him and Ava there to discuss. Coming clean, Aced reveals that he wants the three of them to form an alliance - however Ava reminds him that alliances are forbidden. Having expected this, Gula asks if Aced intends on joining forces in order to confront Ira. Aced admits that such a thing would be pointless - and while he knows that Darkness is at work, Ira is only concerned about identifying the traitor rather than fighting it; thus this is what Aced wants to do. Tempted, Gula agrees to join Aced's alliance, but specifies that it is only between them for the time being, as he doesn't want to involve the members of the Leopardus Union. Ava is shocked by Gula's decision and opts to follow the Master of Master's teaching instead. With this, Gula asks if Ira and Invi know about what Aced is planning. Aced admits that he couldn't tell Ira for obvious reasons, but that he had invited Invi to join them. With that, Invi arrives, and Aced extends his offer of alliance to her as well - however Invi sees this as a defiant act in pursuit of power, suggesting that Aced has been tainted by Darkness. Conversely, Aced suggests that it is Invi who's been tainted by Darkness, as she reports their actions back to Ira and could for all they know be conspiring with Ira behind their backs. With this, Aced parts ways with his fellow Foretellers.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins the Ursus Union.

Following the Dark Corridor Trials, Chirithy ventures to the Foreteller's Chamber to report to Aced. Aced is happy to hear that Player has made such progress, but Chirithy asks if it wasn't a little too early to send Player on such a mission. Aced laments that he has no choice but to hasten Player's training, as he must strengthen their resistance to Darkness as quickly as possible. When Chirithy asks why, Aced reports that the Darkness draws near, and that they will require as many warriors as they can get on the side of Light; which Chirithy shakily accepts.

A few months after forming an alliance with Aced, Gula dissolves the partnership, having joined Aced assuming that they were preparing to face some kind of impending Darkness - however it hasn't come. Furthermore, there haven't been any suspicious incidents of late and Aced hasn't rallied anyone else to his cause. When Aced starts to object, Gula states that their alliance is meaningless and that even Invi agrees. Immediately realizing what he'd said, Gula mentions that Aced wasn't supposed to hear that, as Aced fills with rage. Aced asks if Invi was the one who told Gula to dissolve their alliance, which Gula admits - though he was the one who decided to follow through with it, thus it was his decision. Outraged, Aced picks Gula up by his robes - reminding him that they don't even know who the traitor is yet; with Gula citing this to be the motivation for his actions. Removing Aced's hand, Gula explains that he can't trust anyone other than himself. Aced counters that Gula doesn't stand a chance against the Darkness on his own - but Gula in turn apologizes and firmly states that his mind is made up, before leaving. Furious, Aced vows that Invi will pay for what she has done.

More than a year after the Master of Master's disappeared, Aced attacks Invi on a rooftop with his Keyblade, with Invi quickly dodging the attack and summoning her own Keyblade to deflect Aced's next attack. As Invi attempts to escape across the rooftops of Daybreak Town, Aced persistently strikes at her with his Keyblade, forcing Invi to defend herself until he drives her into the ground. Once he has a footing, Aced utilizes magic to draw Invi closer to him - striking at her again and asking why Invi gets in his way. As Aced succeeds in disarming Invi, she tells Aced that he's being conceited, as she is protecting the balance the way the Master of Masters told them to; adding that Aced needs to come to his senses. Moving toward Invi - Aced states that if nothing is done, then Light will expire and they won't be able to avoid the Keyblade War; resolving that they need to defy their teachings to protect the world. Invi asks if Aced is implying that the Master of Masters was wrong, only for Aced to remind her that the Master of Masters isn't here anymore - with Aced claiming that he wouldn't allow his prophecy to come true. Aced once again tries to draw Invi in with magic, but Invi calls him a fool and summons her Keyblade back to her hand. Invi then generates a wall of water to defend herself before propelling through it to attack Aced; who only just manages to guard against her attack. As Aced is pushed thrown back, Ava is guided to the scene by her Chirithy. Gula then calls her over and the two of them join Aced and Invi to inquire about what's going on. Invi accuses Aced of being the traitor, and Gula supports her by summoning his Keyblade against Aced, asking that Ava do the same. Though Ava is hesitant, she reluctantly summons her Keyblade as well. Facing three of his old comrades rallied against him, Aced launches himself into a vicious battle, from which he barely emerges alive.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins the Ursus Union.

Player eventually returns to the entrance to the Foreteller's Chamber after encountering another wielder named Skuld, who also has ties to Ephemer. Upon finally entering the Foreteller's Chamber, Player, Chirithy, and Skuld find nothing - disappointing Skuld - only to be caught in the act by Aced. Skuld apologizes, explaining that they're looking for someone. Angry, Aced voices his disappointment in Chirithy; as he knew that the Foreteller's Chamber was off-limits. Aced admits that he'd caught another wielder in the Foreteller's Chamber several days before, asking if he was a friend of the group's. Player confirms this, and Skuld asks if Aced had talked to Ephemer. Aced then confirms this, but explains that Ephemer's Union collects Lux for a reason that contradicts their own, and that Ephemer had only gotten close to them in order to get information; however he is no longer a threat. As the group realize that Aced had eliminated Ephemer, Aced asks what they intend to do - though Chirithy assures Aced that they will do nothing; taking full responsibility for everything. Stepping forward, Player tells Aced that the whole thing was his idea, and that he'd wanted to find Ephemer because, up until meeting him, Player had only ever done what was asked of him without question. Ephemer had left a lasting impression on Player - and even though he broke one of their promises, Player knew they were still friends. However, Aced had taken Ephemer away from him, and it stirred negative emotions within him - though he did not care if that meant they had Darkness in his heart, because he couldn't let Aced get away with what he'd done. Raising his Keyblade against Aced, Player couldn't care less about the consequences because in his heart he knew Ephemer would've done the same. Player and Aced battle each other ferociously – with Aced ultimately emerging victorious. As Player is cast to the ground, the façade of the Foreteller’s Chamber fades away and the group find themselves in the sewers yet again, where Ava reveals herself to have been disguised as Aced the whole time in order to test Player and Skuld.

Aced is soon confronted by Gula, who finds him collapsed in one of the houses of Daybreak Town. Confronting him, Gula asks if Aced wants to know what his role is, revealing the incomplete nature of their copies of the Book of Prophecies and the contents of the Lost Page. Summoning his Keyblade, Gula points it at Aced and reveals that the Master of Masters told him to find and stop the traitor. Shocked and angry, Aced expresses his disbelief, recalling how he'd considered Gula his comrade and how that was a mistake. Aced tells Gula that it doesn't matter if he thinks that he's the traitor, because Gula knew all along that there was a traitor and silently stood by while the Foretellers fought each other; something which Aced is unwilling to forgive. Gula notes Aced's fatigued state and nervously tells him to give up already as he approaches. Summoning his Keyblade, Aced cuts Gula down - though before he can finish Gula off, Ava arrives and stands between them; begging Aced to stop. Doing as Ava says, Aced hobbles off on his own, leaving Ava to tend to Gula on her own.

As Aced hobbles through the streets of Daybreak Town, he eventually finds himself face-to-face with Ira. Believing that Ira had come to finish him off, Aced allows himself to collapse to the ground, asking that Ira make his end swift. Walking to Aced's side, Ira reveals that he's there not to eliminate Aced, instead explaining that he wants to fulfill the role he was given by the Master of Masters. Ira adds that it's not their place to try to change the events of the future, explaining to Aced that they are meant to ensure that Light lives on instead; stressing that they can't afford to lose any of the five Lights. Touched, Aced is surprised to hear that Ira still considers him to be one of the Lights. However, as Ira helps Aced to his feet, Aced reveals that there still may only be four Lights, revealing that Gula has the Lost Page in his possession and that he's been using it to discern the identity of the traitor. While Gula claimed this to be his role, Aced remains unsure - though what he is sure of is that he will never forgive Gula for what he's done, knowing that someone would betray them and remaining silent, believing this to be the biggest betrayal of all. Ira voices that he'd like to believe Gula was being true to his role, telling Aced that he'd deal with the situation at hand, but advising him to keep it to himself for the time being. Aced claims to understand and parts ways with Ira, who sets out to find Gula and retrieve the Lost Page.

In the time that follows, Gula begins collecting more and more Lux in order to summon Kingdom Hearts and force the Master of Masters to return in order to avert the Keyblade War. Subsequently, in order to maintain the balance, Ira and Aced also begin collecting more Lux, as that day of the final battle draws nearer.

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Hearing a argument between several Keyblade wielders - including Player and Skuld - in which one claims that the end is already upon them, Aced interjects, confirming this as the truth. Aced explains that the only thing they can believe in is the promise of their Union, and although they're all Keyblade wielders, they cannot judge if a heart is made of Darkness or not. Instead, Aced suggests that the absolute strength is Union strength, which isn't based on the amount of Light a Union has collected, but its righteousness instead; which can only be proved by fighting. When Skuld objects, Aced notes that she is part of Ava's Dandelions, calling what Ava is doing with the Dandelions a display of power as well and asking if it's not the same. Though Skuld is unsure, Player steps forward and declares that he is not a Dandelion, prompting Aced to ask which Union Player hails from. Upon revealing this, Aced summons his Keyblade and orders Player to prepare his Keyblade. Though Player battles Aced, they are quickly beaten back and Aced declares that Player is disqualified as a Keyblade wielder. Just then, Ira arrives on the scene, ordering Aced to put away his Keyblade - degrading Aced for raising his Keyblade against another wielder. Though Aced claims it to have just been a test of Player's strength, Ira suggests otherwise, as it had been Aced's bloodlust that drew him there. Aced retaliates by proclaiming that the Keyblade War is not unavoidable, and that the other Foretellers - including Ira - are becoming desperate to collect more Lux than the other Unions. Aced claims that the fight had started from the very beginning, and that it was only intensified by the Foretellers themselves. Ira questions if this is to mean that Aced will try to hold them back - with Aced stating that he is no longer gathering Lux, but rather soldiers, as a strong Union is absolute and they need but one leader to hold everyone in balance; declaring that he will banish Ava, Gula, Invi and Ira and ultimately rule over all of the Unions. Knowing that Aced does not have that kind of strength, warning him of his cockiness, though Ira decides to allow Aced to discover the fate of one who overestimates himself of his own accord. With that, Aced states that he will be waiting at the place of the final battle before taking his leave.

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is only considered in continuity if Player joins any Union that is not Ursus.

As Player dreams of the Keyblade War, encountering Aced first. Aced recognizes Player, reminding him that he'd declared that Player had been disqualified as a Keyblade wielder. Preparing to defend themselves, Aced welcomes the opportunity, claiming that he wants such a power for his own Union as he draws his Keyblade against Player. After battling Player, an impressed Aced applauds Player's strength, telling him that he'd passed his test and become incredibly strong, citing this as the reason why he must erase Player where he stands. Though Player attempts to defend himself, Aced proves to be too powerful, knocking him off of his feet and berating Player with his Keyblade. Before Aced can finish Player off however, Ira steps in, defending Player against Aced. Furious, Aced sets his sights on Ira instead, chasing after him as he retreats from Aced's attacks.


Aced is a muscular young man who hides his face under a dark grey bear mask. His tan, hooded cloak covers a robe, shirt, and sash that are all light brown in coloration and have black embroidering. Gold tassels appear on the front of Aced's cloak.


Aced is an honest individual with a strong sense of justice.


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Aced's name is derived from the word acedia, which means "sloth" in Latin and is represented by a bear in the Ancrene Wisse.

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