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This page contains a list of quotes said by Aced during the course of Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit]

  • "So, if we see one of these Nightmares anywhere, we have to get rid of it on the spot."
    when the Master of Masters warns about Nightmares.
  • "Your point?"
    asking Gula on him being as the bear.
  • "Don't insult me!"
    when Ava teases him to growl at Nightmares.
  • "Please tell me you're joking."
    everyone laughing at him.
  • "You didn't forget, did you? You're the one who called me here."
    when the Master asks what he wanted.
  • "What? Ira's right-hand man? What do you mean?"
    about his role.
  • "Explain to me, Master. What do you mean Ira's going to be leader?"
    being disappointed about his role.
  • "No! I mean, if you had asked me to be the leader, that's a different story, but I wasn't trying—"
    when the Master asks if he wanted to be leader.
  • "I agree, Ira is definitely the most worthy among us. I'm sure he'll make a fine leader."
    reluctantly accepting.
  • "Wait, I agreed that he is worthy. But why do we need a new leader, Master? Does, does that mean you will no longer be teaching us?"
    confused about needing a new leader.
  • "Disappear!? Why? Where!?"
    when the Master says he might disappear one day.
  • "It's not me."
    denying to be the traitor.
  • "So what now? How do we find out who's behind this?"
    on the Power Bangle and the Nightmare.
  • "Ira. Some leader you are. You've managed to plant seeds of doubt in all of us with that speech. What? Did you expect the traitor to give themselves up with that accusation of yours? That was foolish."
    disapproving of Ira's actions.
  • "It looks to me like the Master made the wrong choice."
    showing doubt of Ira being the leader and he leaves the room.
  • "I was wrong about Ira. I thought he would make a great leader, but he let me down. Well, what do you two think? You don't believe what Ira said, do you?"
    to Gula and Ava in private.
  • "Then he needs to tell us. How dare he look at us with suspicion. We're his comrades!"
    to Ava and Gula.
  • "I want the three of us to form an alliance."
    to Ava and Gula.
  • "Confronting him is pointless. Ira won't change his mind. I know there's darkness at work. There's no question. But, I don't believe for a second there's a traitor among us. Unfortunately, Ira doesn't share the same belief. He's just wasting time trying to figure out who the traitor is. But darkness won't wait and neither should we. We need to band together now and find a way to fight it."
    to Ava and Gula.
  • "He's no longer here."
    to Ava about the Master.
  • "Understood. That's your choice to make. You should do whatever you feel is right."
    to Ava.
  • "I haven't talked to Ira about it for obvious reasons, but I did ask Invi to join us."
    to Gula.
  • "Hear me out, Invi. I want an alliance among our Unions. Gula here has already agreed. Will you join us and together we can—"
    to Invi.
  • "We don't have a choice! Darkness is approaching and we need to combine our strength to stand against it."
    to Invi.
  • "I'm tainted by darkness? Then what about you, Invi? You spy on us and report everything you see back to Ira! You really think you have no darkness in your heart after what you did!?"
    to Invi.
  • "To observe us, yes. But not to disclose everything we say and do to Ira! For all we know, you and Ira could be allies, scheming behind our backs!"
    to Invi.
  • "Is Invi the one who told you to break our alliance?"
    to Gula.
  • "But we don't even know who the traitor is yet!"
    to Gula.
  • "Don't you realize you won't stand a chance against the darkness on your own?"
    to Gula.
  • "Invi, you will regret this!"
    after Gula leaves.
  • "It's been over a year since the Master left. It's time for me to fulfill my true role."
    to himself and beginning to attack Invi.
  • "Why do you get in my way?"
    to Invi.
  • "If we don't do something, light will expire! Then we won't be able to avoid the grim future that awaits. We need to defy the Master's teachings to protect the world!"
    to Invi.
  • "He's not here anymore. I won't let his prophecy come true. I won't let the world fall into darkness!"
    to Invi.
  • "May my heart be my guiding key."
    taking on Invi, Gula, and Ava.
  • "I called you my "comrade." But never again, Gula. It doesn't matter to me if you think I am the traitor and you want to strike me down. You knew there was a traitor, and you just watched silently as we fought each other, and I won't forgive you for that."
    to Gula.
  • "Don't you underestimate me!"
    to Gula.
  • "Come to finish me off? Then make it quick."
    to Ira.
  • "You...still count me as one of the five lights?"
    to Ira.
  • "Only you could be such a good guy after everything we've been through. But hey, I guess that's one of the reasons I respect you so much. However, we still might only be four. I'm talking about Gula. He's using the knowledge of something called the Lost Page. He said that it contains events that are missing from all of our Books. He's using it to discover and apprehend whoever is the traitor, claims that's his role. But who knows what his real intentions are? What I do know is that I'll never forgive him for hiding the fact that he knew someone would betray us. That's the biggest betrayal of all."
    to Ira.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

  • "That's right. We can only place trust in our own Unions; we cannot tell who has fallen into darkness with a mere glance. Why do you fight over Lux? Light is not proof of strength. Victory is proof of strength. And a strong Union is proof of justice."
    confronting the Keyblade wielders.
  • "Do you disagree? Aren't you one of Ava's chosen wielders? One of the Dandelions? You, of all people, should be able to see that she's using her special Union to demonstrate her power."
    to Skuld.
  • "Which Union do you belong to?"
    to Player.
  • "Stand ready."
    challenging Player.
  • "You're not worthy of the Keyblade."
    to Player.
  • "Hmph! It was merely a test."
    to Ira.
  • "The war is coming. Invi, Gula, Ava, and even you, Ira—your Unions are all scrambling to gather more Lux than any other. Look around you. The strife has already begun, and you four have done nothing but fuel the flame."
    to Ira.
  • "Ultimately, the strong determine the world's future. While others gather Lux, I will recruit a legion. Backed by a powerful organization, a single leader can maintain the world's balance. The four of you will be banished, and I will lead the Unions in your stead."
    to Ira.
  • "Then let's settle this on the battlefield!"
    to Ira before leaving.
  • "You! I deemed you unworthy."
    to Player during the Keyblade War.
  • "What you lack in potential, I see you make up for in courage. I could use someone like you in my Union."
    before fighting Player.
  • "How unexpected! You've proven me wrong. You are indeed worthy! But that also means you pose a threat. And that is why you must disappear!"
    to Player.
  • "I've been waiting for this moment, Ira. I will rebuild this world as the new leader and Master!"
    to Ira.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "What happened? Why are we here? You tell me."
    confused about being summoned back with the other foretellers by Xigbar, who is Luxu.
  • "I've heard enough! Luxu, what was your role?"
    getting frustrated.