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Issues: Story material should only include info on them as a group, poss. material on when they are variable, but not info on when a specific Foreteller does something; Story material needs to be much more concise and to the point, not rephrasing of whole conversations -- take a look at the journal entries summarizing the events of a world in KH1 and KH2; finally, story material should be what the Foretellers are doing, not describing an entire scene that happens to contain a Foreteller.

The Foretellers

Foreteller Invi KHXBC.png

Foreteller Gula KHXBC.png

Foreteller Ira KHXBC.png

Foreteller Aced KHXBC.png

Foreteller Ava KHXBC.png

Katakana 予知者 Other Emblem.png
Rōmaji Yochisha
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

The Foretellers are a group of Keyblade Masters that appear in Kingdom Hearts χ and consists of Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi, and Ira. Together, the Foretellers lead the five Unions and protect the worlds from darkness.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

According to Player's Chirithy, the five Foretellers and one other Keyblade wielder were the apprentices of his creator, the Master of Masters. Shortly before he disappeared, the Master of Masters gifted five of his disciples copy of the Book of Prophecies, which informed them of the event that would doom the world, and assigned specific roles for them to follow in preparation for the event. In an attempt to avert this coming crisis, the Foretellers established Unions to battle the darkness and used the Book of Prophecies to draw power from the future in the form of Medals. Quest 94: Where's Chirithy? Pt. 2

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

Shortly after Player arrives in Daybreak Town, the Foreteller of their chosen Union assigns a Chirithy to assist them and explain the current situation. Quest 1: Prologue

This information is based on alternate scenes or materials and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the series.
In Kingdom Hearts χ, Player is attacked by a Darkside upon arrival, but their Foreteller shows up in person to chase the Darkside back through its Corridor of Darkness, leaving behind the Chirithy.

After Player learns to wield the Keyblade with help from Chirithy, the Foreteller appears from a lane between. They explain the need to defeat Heartless and collect Lux, while noting that there is help in the form of their Union. As if to illustrate this point, a Darkside appears but is quickly dispatched by arriving members of the Union. Before leaving once again, the Foreteller warns that some are seeking to collect Lux out of greed. They entreat Player to help root out the darkness. Quest 3: Combat 102

As Player continues to defeat Heartless and retrieve Lux, their Chirithy makes regular reports on their progress to the Foreteller, who occasionally assigns Player tests of skill in response. Quest 200: Heading Home Pt. 6

After Player finishes the Darkball dread in every world and returns to Daybreak Town, Chirithy decides to inform Player of the history of the Foretellers, the goals of the Unions, and the origins of the Medals, but reminds Player that each Foreteller has their own reason for collecting Lux. Quest 120: Killing Time Pt. 6

Following the demise of Chirithy (2), the Foreteller informs Chirithy that despite the Unions' best efforts, darkness continues to grow in power, leading Chirithy to speculate that there is a traitor among the Foretellers. Quest 250: Heartless Havoc: Fountain Square

Having returned from Beast's Castle, Chirithy comes to Player with a new assignment from the Foreteller: they must hunt down Heartless within the Corridors of Darkness themselves, with only a set of Bracelet of Light to survive exposure to the darkness. Quest 491: Corridor of Darkness Pt. 1 After Player successfully completes this task, Chirithy reports it to the Foreteller, but questions the wisdom of assigning such a dangerous mission. The Foreteller explains that the darkness continues to spread, unabated, and that the Unions must grow as much as possible and develop a resistance to the darkness in order to survive. Quest 500: Corridor of Darkness Pt. 10


The Foretellers wear masks representing the animals that serve as the emblems of their Unions, as well as hooded cloaks and shirts fastened with a sash. The sleeves of these shirts extend just beyond the wrist.

Each Foreteller's name is derived from the Latin word for one of the seven deadly sins, and all but one of them use the name associated with their animal motif in the Ancrene Wisse.


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The Foretellers are Keyblade Masters who wield unique Keyblades with distinctive elemental and chromatic themes. Each Foreteller's Keyblade has an etching of their Union's totem animal on its hilt, a Gazing Eye on its keychain token, a heart icon similar to Terra's Mark near its teeth, and a handle resembling a Doric column; these shared traits are similar to those of Master Xehanort's Keyblade, which has a black, demonic theme and an etching of a goat, but features a second Gazing Eye where the Foretellers' Keyblades have heart icons.

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