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This article is about the group of Keyblade Masters.
You may be looking for the musical track.
The foretellers

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Japanese 予知者
Rōmaji Yochisha
Homeworld Daybreak Town
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
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Character theme - The Foretellers

The foretellers are a group of Keyblade Masters that appear in Kingdom Hearts χ and consists of Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi, and Ira. Together, the foretellers lead the five Unions and protect the worlds from darkness.

In truth, the foretellers and Luxu were raised together by the Master of Masters to create strong hearts, then clash each other in the Keyblade War due to mistrust, in order to lock away the strongest of the thirteen darknesses until the time comes for them to be defeated.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

The five foretellers and Luxu were the apprentices of the Master of Masters. Shortly before he disappeared, the Master of Masters created the Dream Eater Chirithy to help in their endeavors, but warned them what would happen if the wielder was overcome with darkness, so would their Dream Eater. Then, gifted five of his disciples copy of the Book of Prophecies, which informed them of the Keyblade War, and assigned specific roles for them to follow in preparation for the event. In an attempt to avert this coming crisis, the foretellers established Unions to battle the darkness and used the Book of Prophecies to draw power from the future in the form of Medals. Quest 94: Where's Chirithy? Pt. 2 Unbeknownst to the Keyblade wielders in the Unions, the foretellers also utilized the Book of Prophecies to create holograms of different worlds to send their Union members to collect Lux from other realms. Quest 362: To Waterfront Park Pt. 4

Kingdom Hearts χ[edit]

The foretellers continue to diligently lead their Unions and uphold their roles assigned to them by the Master of Masters after his disappearance. Over time, the foretellers notice Keyblade wielders utilizing bangles that provides them the power to collect dark energy, though they decide that using the bangles was acceptable for their Union members. One day, Ira finds a Nightmare Chirithy snooping around the Foretellers' Chambers, suggesting that someone has submitted to darkness and a traitor is present. This eventually resulted in tension among the foretellers, as they are unable to discern the traitor. Aced convinces Gula to form an alliance with him to combat the impending darkness. As forming alliances between Unions is forbidden by the Master of Masters, Invi prompts Gula to dissolve his alliance with Aced, causing Aced to attack her in retribution.

After learning that Gula is in possession of the Lost Page from the Book of Prophecies, which details the presence of a traitor amongst the foretellers, Aced strikes Gula down, but Ava saves the latter's life. Aced is then accosted by Ira, but the two reconcile. Ira then seeks out Gula in an attempt to see the Lost Page. He is sent away by Ava, who is tending to Gula's wounds. Gula reveals his intention to summon Kingdom Hearts in order to lure the Master of Masters back to Daybreak Town, and Ava fails in her attempts to dissuade him from doing so. As a result, the foretellers begin to compete over the world's Lux to empower their Unions.

Realizing conflict between the Unions is inevitable, Ava acts in accordance with her role and gathers Keyblade wielders to join a separate faction called the Dandelions, who are ordered to avoid the Keyblade War in favor of going to a new world to ensure the future of the light. Ava, per the Masters of Master's instructions, recruits five Keyblade wielders to succeed the foretellers as Union leaders following the Keyblade War, with only one of them meant to receive a copy of the Book of Prophecies. Quest 665: Target: Blitz Spear Pt. 5 In a last attempt to prevent the brewing conflict, Ava seeks out Luxu in hopes of finding the Masters of Masters. However, suspecting Luxu to be the traitor mentioned in the Lost Page, Ava attacks him, signaling the start of the Keyblade War. The foretellers then lead their respective Unions to the Badlands.

During the war, they meet Player and challenge them to a fight with Player being victorious against them.

At some point during the war, the five foretellers disappeared. As such, they are referred to "Lost Masters" by future Keyblade wielders.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

After Xehanort is defeated, Luxu stands in the Keyblade Graveyard with the Black Box and his Keyblade finally back in his possession. He summons the foretellers back into the world, except for Ava, as she has completed her role. At the foretellers' insistence, Luxu begins to recount the chronicles of his tale.


The foretellers wear masks representing the animals that serve as the emblems of their Unions, as well as hooded cloaks and shirts fastened with a sash. The sleeves of these shirts extend just beyond the wrist.

Each foreteller's name is derived from the Latin word for one of the seven deadly sins, and all but one of them use the name associated with their animal motif in the Ancrene Wisse.


The foretellers are Keyblade Masters who wield unique Keyblades with distinctive elemental and chromatic themes. Each foreteller's Keyblade has an etching of their Union's totem animal on its hilt, the Gazing Eye on its keychain token, a heart icon similar to Terra's Mark near its teeth, and a handle resembling a Doric column; these shared traits are similar to those of the No Name, which has a black, demonic theme and an etching of a goat, but features a second Gazing Eye where the foretellers' Keyblades have heart icons.