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Aced's Keyblade

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Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]
Foreteller Aced's Keyblade
Aced's Keyblade
The Keychain for the Foreteller's Aced's Keyblade.

Aced's Keyblade is the default form of Aced's Keyblade that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ.


Aced's Keyblade is the bulkiest of the Foretellers' Keyblades. The handle is gray, and the guard and outer base are jagged and dark blue/teal in color. A brown bear with red eyes is set at the base. The shaft is brown with a very wide black area in the middle. Cream engravings adorn the dark area, the topmost of which resembles Terra's Mark. The end of the blade curves back towards the base, and this and a bit protruding from that side form the Keyblade's C-shaped teeth. The Keychain consists of red gems connected by a brownish chain and a brown token with a Gazing Eye at the center.