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This page contains a list of quotes spoken by Chirithy in Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

  • "Ummm, I guess that's how they all start out. Hmm, yeah, this might be tougher than I thought. Excuse me, but, um, while you're pulling yourself together there, I'll go first. You have been chosen to be a Keyblade Wielder to seek the light. The Keyblade is the power of the heart of light. This world is being covered in darkness. The Keyblade is used to drive back the darkness and gather light to protect the world. I'm sorry, was that a bit hard to understand? There are monsters of darkness, like that one just now. They're called Heartless, by the way. Heartless are beings of darkness. They go after hearts and they stain the worlds with darkness. The Keyblade can fight against them. That's why you have to protect the worlds from the Heartless with your Keyblade. Um, all right so far? Yeah. Well, I watch out for Keyblade Wielders who are just starting out, like you, on orders from Up Above. My name is Chirithy. I'll stay with you, and I'll teach you all sorts of things, so don't worry... Well, as long as you can do it, I guess. O-okay, that Keyblade of yours. Just like you yourself, it's not at its best yet. It needs a little 'something' to draw out its power. We call those cards 'Fragments'. Oh! There's one right over there, go pick it up. Phew, I guess if I say too much at once, it will go over your head. I'm getting tired too, so we'll continue this next time, okay."
    giving the player an explaination on how things work
  • "What happened? Are you okay? I know you are confused, but the darkness eating away at the worlds isn't going to wait. The darkness has also appeared in places other than here. That means there are some worlds I'd like you to go visit. The door to the outside world has been opened."
    talking to Player after meeting Ava
  • "The world was darkness. But, the world I was born into was engulfed in light and was very dazzling. My master, He who brought me into this world, looked at me inside the light with a smile."
    describing his birth to Player
  • "You've really shaped up as a Keyblade Wielder, haven't you. Uh-huh, you're looking really fine, too! I think it's time to tell you, then. Before my master, He who created me, disappeared, He bestowed His six followers with new names, and gave five of them a book of prophecies. These five followers, who were to become the Foretellers, read the future written in the book. Apparently a passage written on the last page shocked them. "The World will be enveloped in eternal Darkness." In order to save the future World, the five Foretellers thought to use the power hidden in the book of prophecy. That's the power you are all using now. Through the cards, you are using the power of the future to try and protect the light from the darkness, and avert the future enveloped in darkness. Also, as you know even though the five Foretellers share the same goal, they by no means share the same will. So, you mustn't lose sight of it yourself."
    to Player
  • "Ah, I'm sorry. I was just checking things out by myself for a bit. You know those Darkballs that have been popping up lately. Just like I thought, those Heartless don't seem to have come from this world. Basically, this means that even this world is being eaten away by darkness right now, sad to say. But it'll be all right. You have the power to drive back the darkness! Plus, if you go to a new world, you should be able to get new power for your Keyblade. I think from here on out the fight will only get tougher, so I'd love for you to go out and get that power! Yeah. All right, please hold out your Keyblade. Come on, let's go to a new world!"
    to Player
  • "Hey there, Chirithy. Hey there, Chirithy. How're they doing? Your Player, I mean. They felt kinda apathetic, really. Oh, really... Maybe they haven't been put through enough trials yet. That sucks. And there are already only five forces of light, to boot. We can't cover up deficiencies. I guess all we can do is place our hope in their growth."
    Chirithy talking to Chirithy
  • "He won't be coming, now... He left me with a message. "I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise." Well, I'm sure it made it."
    to Player
  • "Hey there, Chirithy... ...Hey. My player was erased by the darkness... ... I guess my duty is finished, too... Familiars like us are tied to our players. If our player is erased, so are we. Yeah..."
    talking to Chirithy before they are erased by the Darkness.
  • "Then there really is a traitor within the five forces of light?"
  • "...Yeah"
    speaking with a Foreteller.
  • "Wow, you look like you've been working hard. I'm always by your side watching all the things you're doing, like I said. You want to get even stronger, right? Well then, I have a present here for you. Drumroll please~ A Strength Bangle~ Ooh-ahh! It looks great on you! While you have this equipped, Heartless you defeat can drop Guilt. You can swap your own strength by collecting that Guilt. That doesn't mean all Heartless will drop Guilt, though, and the power you've obtained can only be used once, so be careful. Hey hey, don't make that face. Try it and see, first! Huh? No, you don't need to give that back. Didn't I tell you right at the start that it is a present! Oh well... Yeah. Just equip that and do your very best to defeat more and more Heartless. Mm-hm. That's the spirit. All right, I'm counting on you."
    Dark Chirithy
  • "What the... ?"
    talking with Dark Chirithy.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Can't stay away, now, can you?"
  • "The name's Chirithy. And this is The Final World."
  • "There's nothing else beyond this. You've wandered here more than once before on your visits to the Station of Awakening, buuut... I let that slide. The edges of sleep and death touch, and one can't help the occasional crossover."
  • "Yes. The natural end for those whose hearts and bodies perish together. But some persist, and arrive here.
  • "Something is holding you here- refusing to let you go. You're hanging by a thread."
  • "I'm afraid that no one else arrived with you. And if they're not here, they're either gone forever, or they're clinging to the world you came from."
  • "Whoa, whoa! How exactly? You can't just wander out like your other visits."
  • "I told you. The other times you came here by your own choice. This time is very different. To become your old self again and return to the real world, you'll have to piece yourself back together in this world first."
  • "What? No, not literally, of course. You're conceptually in pieces. On the inside, who knows, but on the outside you're just fine."
  • "Oh boy... Usually, only a heart can reach The Final World. But since you've clearly managed to retain some kind of form, that can only mean your body was cast into this world as well."
  • "Precisely. But there's a lot of you to find. You're going to be busy."
  • "I see that you found them all."
  • "Then, isn't it time that you left?"
  • "What? I'm doing you a big favor here, you know. Don't push it."
  • "Oh, I don't work like that."
  • "Mmm... sort of?"
  • "Uh, no no no no, that's okay. He doesn't remember the past. Besides, I'm sure that he's much happier with his new friends. But I'll wait. He'll arrive here one day."
  • "What?!"
  • "Really? I've missed having friends."
  • "Seriously? Are you a Keyblade wielder, or aren't you? Haven't you already learned how to restore someone's heart after it's been lost?
  • "I'm not sure, but... give it a shot?"
  • "Look for the light in the darkness! May your heart be your guiding key."

Memory Archives[edit]

  • "Do you remember this story? It begins with Sora and his friends Kairi and Riku. The three are inseparable. And they believe another world is waiting out beyond the sea."
  • "But then darkness consumes the islands they call home and tears them apart."
  • "Sora wakes up in an unknown world, and before long he meets two courageous companions. A magician named Donald and a knight named Goofy."
  • "They embark on an adventure and make countless friends..."
  • "And a few enemies..."
  • "Just as Sora is starting to grasp the power of the Keyblade, he comes face to face with his friend Riku."
    Summarizing Memory Archive 1
  • "Are the memories we share with the people we love our only true connection to them? Sora, Donald, and Goofy have been searching for King Mickey and Riku, their friends who were stranded on the other side of the door to darkness. A clue leads them to a mysterious citadel called Castle Oblivion."
  • "Sora is determined to press on and look for his friends. But as he climbs, his most precious memories begin to slip away. He is being tricked by Marluxia and a mysterious Organization who are trying to make him their puppet. Unaware that the events of his past have been rewritten inside his mind, Sora races to the top of the castle to save a girl named Namine."
  • "But there, he learns the shocking truth."
  • "Namine has special powers, and she's the one who's been changing Sora's memory."
  • "This would be Sora's first encounter with Organization XIII, but certainly not his last."
    Summarizing Memory Archive 2
  • "Think now, for a moment, about your best friend. Someone you couldn't bear to lose."
  • "His mind a blank slate, Roxas starts counting the days, determined to never forget anything again. He and his friend Axel go on missions for the Organization."
  • "They are soon joined by the group's fourteenth member, a girl named Xion. Like Roxas, she has no memory of her past."
  • "The three have been told they don't have hearts that they're "Nobodies" and yet it's strange. They start to realize how much they care about each other."
  • "If only all of this could last forever..."
  • "Xion's darkest secret..."
  • "...is that she only exists to seize control of Sora's power the Keyblade's power."
  • "If they really have no hearts, then why does the truth hurt this much? The grief... The anger... The loss... The emptiness..."
  • "But I believe there's hope for them. Don't you? One day they'll be together again."
    Summarizing Memory Archive 3
  • "Making tough choices isn't easy. But if that's what it takes to save a friend...Riku discovers Sora in Castle Oblivion, suspended in a deep sleep. He is faced with a decision."
  • "Riku embraces his inner darkness, and resolves to carry it toward the light."
  • "In time, Riku crosses paths with Xion, who attacks him with a false Keyblade."
  • "He learns that Organization XIII is using her and Roxas to drain Sora of his memories and power."
  • "To save his best friend, Riku prepares for the inevitable."
  • "And Xion chooses to do the same."
  • "Riku and Roxas clash, both desperate to save a friend."
  • "Riku's overpowered, and decides not to hold his darkness back any longer."
  • "Each fork in the road shapes who we are. But Riku won't look back. Not while his friends need him."
    Summarizing Memory Archive 4
  • "Who are we fighting? How did this all begin? And why did it take us so long to notice?"
  • "Twice now, Master Xehanort has sought to drag the World into a great Keyblade War between the forces of light and darkness."
  • "But both times his ambitions have been thwarted. In his first attempt, he divided a boy's heart into two beings a pure light named Ventus and a pure darkness named Vanitas. The two were to clash and forge a relic known as the x-blade."
  • "Three students of Master Eraqus, Xehanort's former brother-in-training, rose up in order to stop the x-blade from being forged."
  • "They fought bravely. And their strong bond allowed them to triumph over Xehanort."
  • "But, all three paid a terrible price, and their destinies were sealed. The destruction of the x-blade plunged Ventus into a deep sleep. "Aqua sacrificed herself to the realm of darkness to save Terra. And, by the time he was found, Terra was going by a different name."
  • "Master Xehanort's second attempt to start the Keyblade War involved pitting seven pure lights against thirteen darknesses. His heart and body acted separately. His heart, Ansem, manipulated Riku and Maleficent into capturing the seven pure lights he needed, the princesses of heart. His body, Xemnas, founded Organization XIII, who would serve as the thirteen darknesses. But his plans were dashed by Sora and his friends, who defeated Ansem and Xemnas."
  • "Now, Master Xehanort has warned of a third attempt to start his war."
  • "Thirteen darknesses. Seven lights. The End is coming..."
    Summarizing Memory Archive 5

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

  • "Back so soon? What's wrong?"
  • "Even with the power of waking, you can't just bring someone back."
  • "Maybe, but this time, I'm afraid the situation is a lot worse."
  • "But that's not how it's supposed to work at all. The power of waking is meant to be used to wake and restore sleeping hearts, not to restore them after they've completely faded away from existence. You've done that six times before, and as a result, you've managed to greatly alter the course of history itself. You've broken a nature taboo."
  • "A forbidden act. Break a taboo of nature, and you'll end up paying an extraordinary price."
  • "You'll lose your powers. You won't be able to use the power of waking."
  • "But that's not all. You yourself... will vanish from this world. And without your powers, you can't return to the world you came from.
  • "... I can't stop you, can I?"
  • "Hmm... Well, then this really is good-bye, so listen carefully to me. You'll return to the past again, but you won't be able to rewrite it this time. No matter what happens, you have to accept it and move on."
  • "The heart you have now, it already existed during that time. It went back into that past earlier. Nothing can change that fact. The place where you'll return is the tear in the fabric of time that was created when you changed your destiny, then changed it once again. In order to not stray too far from the true power of waking, you'll enter and pass through the hearts of the guardians, until you reach Kairi's heart. Every emotion that each of the guardians felt... sadness, anxiety, fear, kindness. Everything they saw, and everything that they felt then, you'll clear a way through it, traverse across their hearts, and dive ever deeper inside. I can't be sure what's waiting for you at the end, or what you'll actually be able to do, but by following the connection of hearts, you'll come to discover a greater truth- one that's sure to help you. But... in this flow of time in the past, you'll only have up until the moment you left for this place, so you'll have to find and restore Kairi's heart before then. That's all the advice I can give you. Beyond that, I can only say... may your heart... be your guiding key."
  • "I was just trying to give you some privacy."
  • "Oh, likewise! I'm glad you're okay."
  • "Whaaat...?"
  • "Sora..."

Action Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory[edit]

  • "Incoming trick!"
    when the opponent sends a trick.
  • "Two tricks headed your way!"
    when the opponent sends two tricks.
  • "You pulled ahead!"
    when Player is ahead in points.
  • "You're falling behind!"
    when the opponent is ahead in points.
  • "Trick activated!"
    when Player sends a trick.
  • "Two tricks activated!"
    when Player sends two tricks.
  • "Whoa, be careful!"
    when Player is low on HP.
  • "It's not over yet!"
    when Player loses their HP and is revived.