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Queen Buzzerfly

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Queen Buzzerfly

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Japanese ハチクイーン
Rōmaji Hachi Kuīn
Translation Hachi Queen

Type Nightmare Dream Eater
Game Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

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Battle theme - Wild Blue
Queen Buzzerfly

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Queen (as it turns out!) of the Buzzerflies. They fight as a swarm: she pummels with stingers and pollen while her drones take a more direct approach.

The Queen Buzzerfly is a Dream Eater that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It serves as a boss during Riku's Dive to La Cité des Cloches and Sora's Dive to The World That Never Was.


The Queen Buzzerfly was originally created as a much smaller common Dream Eater before being reintroduced as a Dive Mode boss. During battle, the Queen Buzzerfly would have sat in the eye of a needle and spun like a top.[1]


The Queen Buzzerfly has a similar shape to that of a butterfly and a bee. It has a very narrow head with two large red eyes, its face is almost framed in orange lines, and it wears a crown in the shape of an orange tulip on the top of its head. Behind its head it has two long protrusions that curl at the ends, these are colored white, yellow, orange and green. The Queen Buzzerfly has a white puffy neckline and appears to wear a large dress which is black in the middle, purple and pink with white lining at the bottom and an underlying layer of green and orange petals on black. It also has two arms which are blue and purple, its hands are black with red and yellow shapes, the hands end in a spike. At the bottom of its body it has a sharp protrusion colored purple. The Queen Buzzerfly also has two large sky blue wings that have swirls on them in a lighter shade. The Nightmare Dream Eater emblem is located on the middle part of the dress that the Dream Eater is wearing.

Hachi (?) is the Japanese word for bee.


Side: Riku[edit]

Queen Buzzerfly attacks Riku at Le Cite Des Cloches alongside four smaller Buzzerflys. The queen and the buzzerflys begin by using only one attack each:

  • Stinger: The queen will send out four purple stingers. These can be easily dodged with Reflect
  • Buzzerfly Charge: The four buzzerflys will spin around and charge at Riku. Reflect can be used to dodge this too.

Once the buzzerflys have charged they will stop moving and expose their weak points. Slow down so the buzzerflys are in range and attack them all. While the buzzerflys are weak the queen will use a new attack.

  • Pollen: Queen Buzzerfly summons pollen to hit Riku. It can be difficult to see but can be dodged with reflect.

When all of the buzzerflys have been defeated, Queen Buzzerfly will fly closer to Riku allowing it's weak point to be attacked. It will use it's Stinger attack throughout its weak phase and it will dodge any attack Riku uses against it's weak point while it does so. It is best to attack it at this point anyway as it will allow more damage to be dealt when it is vulnerable and the stingers can be avoided this way as well. Eventually the queen will summon four more buzzerflys and repeat it's attack pattern. The buzzerflys gain a new attack at this point:

  • Lasers: The buzzerflys will fire lasers at each other creating two lasers with one buzzerfly on each end. These can be dodged by slowing down. This will also put Riku in range to attack them.

Once again the buzzerflies will become weak after attacking and allowing Riku to take them out again and letting Queen Buzzerfly become vulnerable. This should be the last phase of the battle assuming the queen has been attacked relentlessly. Note that getting Gold Diver rank generally requires defeating all the buzzerflys at once and repeatedly dashing after defeating the queen will shave some seconds off the overall time.

Side: Sora[edit]

Sora fights Queen Buzzerfly in his last Dive in The World That Never Was making the battle more challenging than Riku's version. However very little has changed. The battle starts exactly as Riku's version, the only major difference being the possibility of the Buzzerflys using all their attacks. Take out the Buzzerflys when they are weak and deplete the Queen's health to move onto phase two. The Queen will turn round and expose three more weak points. These should be attacked quickly and it is possible to destroy two of them in one cycle. Repeat the strategy and finish the Queen off.


Queen Buzzerfly (Sora) (Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD) Queen Buzzerfly (Riku) (Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD)

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Ultimania, Mamoru Ohashi: "Of course, halfway through development, many Dream Eaters were cut, to my extreme sadness. Among them was Queen Buzzerfly, which began designed as a normal small-fry enemy and cut, but made a miraculous recovery as a Dive Mode boss, which is rare to have happen. By the way, when it was small-fry it attacked by sitting in the eye of a needle and spinning like a top." Translation via Goldpanner