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Game:Nightmare Chirithy

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Nightmare Chirithy

The Nightmare Chirithy (ナイトメア・チリシィ, Naitomea Chirishī?) boss from the 25-3 Daybreak Town mission

Japanese ナイトメア・チリシィ
Rōmaji Naitomea Chirishī

Type Nightmare Dream Eater
Game Kingdom Hearts χ
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KHχ tracks
Battle theme - The Dread of Night
Nightmare Chirithy

Kingdom Hearts Union χ
It reflects 10% of Power-based damage, absorbs Reverses-Medal attacks, lowers your strength, and casts status ailments! It even counterattacks at 0!

Nightmare Chirithy is a Nightmare Dream Eater that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. They are a Chirithy born from Player that is fueled by the power of darkness.


The Nightmare Chirithy appears as as a top heavy humanoid feline monster. Its face has purple fur and appears as if it is wearing a black hood with purple spiky stripes on it. It has red eyes, eight teeth, long black and red ears, and a tan snout.

Overall, the black fur on its body is rough and shaggy. Its belly is tan colored and the Dream Eater emblem is placed on its upper chest. Purple stripes appear along its back too and several line stripes appear on its legs and thin black tail. Pinkish gray spiky wings protrude from its back and the tips are brighter colored.

Its arms are covered in spiky, pinkish gray fur that becomes thicker in layers near the hands. Its large hands are wrapped in barbed red wire reminiscent of the Darkling and the tips are bright pink. Its legs stand horizontal and its feet have tan paws, three pink claws, and a spike on the back.