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This page contains a list of quotes said by Invi during the course of Kingdom Hearts χ, Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit]

  • "Someone has fallen into darkness."
    deducing what it means if they see a Nightmare.
  • "A-all right."
    nervous about her role given by the Master.
  • "I understand, but...without you or Luxu, to form and maintain our own Unions is... It's a little unnerving, to be honest."
    worried about what is going to happen.
  • "What? N-no! Of course not!"
    when the Master asks if she wants him to go.
  • "Are you certain? What proof do you have?"
    when Ira says there is a traitor among the foretellers.
  • "Is that...a Nightmare?"
    when Ira summons a captured Nightmare Chirithy as proof.
  • "Unfortunately, there are countless wielders in our Unions. It would be easy for any of us to summon a Chirithy that isn't a Nightmare. I'm afraid that your suggestion wouldn't help us get to the bottom of this."
    dismissing Gula's suggestion.
  • "No, Ira. I respectfully disagree. What proof do we have that the bangles are tied to the power of darkness, or if a Nightmare is to blame? We shouldn't simply jump to conclusions."
    when Ira concludes that the traitor is one of them.
  • "Aced, that's quite enough."
    when Aced accuses Ira of being foolish.
  • "Wait. Where do you think you're going?"
    when Aced leaves the room.
  • "What's wrong, Ira? This isn't like you."
    after Aced, Gula and Ava left the room.
  • "And how does this whole thing with the traitor tie together?"
    when Ira mentions the Lost Page.
  • "Ira. Are you implying that someone is in possession of the missing page? And the person with the complete Book is the traitor?"
    trying to figure out Ira's reasoning.
  • "There seems to be no record of it in my Book either. You may be onto something. I wonder... Could this have been the Master's plan all along? To grant the Lost Page to only one of us."
    searching through her Book.
  • "I understand what you are saying. I promise to keep a close eye on the others. I will keep you informed, as always."
    speaking to Ira.
  • "Of course. After all, that is what the Master asked of me. And Ira, may your heart be your guiding key."
    leaving the room.
  • "You wanted to see me? Gula, Ava, what are you doing here? What's the meaning of this?"
    to Aced, Gula, and Ava.
  • "And disobey the Master's teachings!?"
    to Aced.
  • "The Master bestowed each of us with a different role and he specifically told us to keep our Unions separate to maintain the balance of power. He told us that any imbalance would lead to a desire for more power, which leads to darkness. I know you haven't forgotten! Perhaps...it's you who has been tainted by darkness."
    to Aced.
  • "Because that is my role."
    to Aced.
  • "It seems Aced and Gula's Unions are now allied."
    to Ira.
  • "No, I don't believe he is."
    to Ira about Aced being the traitor.
  • "To Aced, unification is a means of gathering strength to oppose the darkness. So I believe his heart still belongs to the light."
    to Ira.
  • "Yes, and his teachings are absolute. That's why I will try and persuade Gula to dissolve their alliance."
    about the Master's teachings.
  • "No. Please, let me do the talking. Your intervention will do nothing more than spur Aced's anger."
    to Ira.
  • "And one more thing. Aced has begun to question the two of us. As a precaution, my reports will be less frequent. I don't want him to get the wrong idea. Please understand."
    to Ira.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • "Is it...really you?"
    unsure if Xigbar is Luxu.
  • "What role?"
    about Luxu's role.