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Mini Cruiser

Mini Cruiser KHII.png

Japanese バトルシップS

Rōmaji Batorushippu S
Translation Battleship S
Type Gummi Nobody
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Basic Red Gold
Score 1600
HP 600
Damage 1
Charge 4
Orbs Medal Orb x16
HP Orb x8
Assault of the Dreadnought


Cruiser KHII.png

Japanese バトルシップM

Rōmaji Batorushippu M
Translation Battleship M
Type Gummi Nobody
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Basic Red Gold
Score 2400
HP 10000
Damage 1
Charge 15
Orbs Medal Orb x24
HP Orb x12

Assault of the Dreadnought
Firaga-G, Big Bridge-G, Angel-G, Large Rotor-G, Firaga-G, Booster-G, Drill-G, Hurricane-G, Booster-G, Hurricane-G
Assault of the Dreadnought

The Cruiser and its Mini Cruiser counterpart are two Nobody ships that only appear in the Assault of the Dreadnought Gummi Missions in Kingdom Hearts II. They don't attack, but large Cruisers drop treasures when defeated. There are no alternate colored versions of the Cruisers and Mini-Cruisers.


The Cruiser is an enormous, white battleship. It is a large, rectangular structure with each of its corners lined by a long, cylindrical tower. Each of these towers is topped by a conical spike. Either of the Cruiser's sides is lined by a complex apparatus of four, relatively short, rectangular structures. Each of these structures has a thin, pyramidal spike on its top.

The Mini-Cruiser is a white, vaguely insectoid battleship. Its main body is comprised of four connected, rectangular towers, each with a tall pyramidal spike on top. There are two long cannons lining either side of the Mini-Cruiser that also resemble towers. These cannons both end in large cones. It has six spikes on its underside, three lining each of these side towers, that resemble legs.

The Cruiser's name may refer to a number of real-world vehicles with the same name. The Mini-Cruiser's name shares this meaning, and also refers to the Nobody's comparatively smaller size.