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Special Weapon

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Special Weapons (スペシャルウェポン Supesharu Wepon?) are are a special ability for the Gummi Ship in Kingdom Hearts III. Only one Special Weapon can be equipped at a time. Special Weapons are activated by pressing Triangle, after which it needs to recharge before being able to be used again. The time it takes to recharge differs per weapon.

List of Special Weapons[edit]

Name Image Description Damage Attribute Recharge Time Obtained Notes
Repair Kit (リペアキット
Ripea Kitto
Repair Kit KHIII.png Restores HP to your ship. 36 seconds Clash with the Dreadshark (B-rank) Restores HP equal to half the Gummi Ship's maximum HP.
Force Field (フォースフィールド
Fōsu Fīrudo
Force Field KHIII.png Activates a short-term barrier that nullifies damage from enemies. 24 seconds Clash with the Scarlet Shark (B-rank) The barrier remains active for 4 seconds.
Heavy Rocket (ヘビーロケット
Hebī Roketto
Heavy Rocket KHIII.png Sends a huge, exploding rocket sailing toward enemies. 3000 Special + Strike 90 seconds Clash with the Omega Machina (B-rank) Shoot one rocket that tracks the enemy. The explosion can damage nearby enemies.
Twin Shot (ツインショット
Tsuin Shotto
Twin Shot KHIII.png Temporarily adds forward-facing, auto-firing pods to both sides of the ship. 36 Special + Shot 24 seconds Clash with the Astrowarrior (B-rank) Fires 12 shots per second, for 8 seconds.
Firestorm (ファイアストーム
Firestorm KHIII.png Fires a series of homing explosives at enemies. 45 Special + Shot 24 seconds Clash with the Colossus Pyramid (B-rank) Fires 4 homing shots each time, a total of 15 times.
Laser Squall (レーザースコール
Rēzā Sukōru
Laser Squall KHIII.png Rains lasers down on all the enemies you've locked on to. 100 Special + Laser 18 seconds Clash with the Space Worm (B-rank)
Sunlight Laser (サンライトレーザー
Sanraito Rēzā
Sunlight Laser KHIII.png Continually fires a ring of lasers for a short time. 180 every 0.15 seconds Special + Laser 90 seconds Clash with the Comet Crawlers (B-rank) Fires lasers for 3 seconds.
Barrier (バリアウォール
Baria Wōru
?, lit. "Barrier Wall")
Barrier KHIII.png Activates a wall-like barrier that stops enemy fire. 36 seconds Clash with the Flower Guardian (B-rank) Summons a barrier for 10 seconds that blocks shots and mines. Lasers and direct contact aren't stopped.
Tracking Laser (ホーミングレーザー
Hōmingu Rēzā
?, lit. "Homing Laser")
Homing Laser KHIII.png Fires a laser that tracks enemies repeatedly. 650 Special + Laser 36 seconds Clash with the Schwarzgeist (B-rank) Fires a laser that continues tracking enemies after hitting. The laser disappears when there are no enemies.
Electro Shot (エレクトロショット
Erekutoro Shotto
Electro Shot KHIII.png Fires a powerful laser capable of penetrating any enemy's defenses. 60 every 0.05 seconds Special + Laser 30 seconds Clash with the Supreme Warrior (B-rank) Fires a laser that passes through enemies for 0.7 seconds, a total of 3 times.
Knight's Arms (ナイトキット
Naito Kitto
?, lit. "Knight Kit")
Knight's Arms KHIII.png Arms the ship with a shield that reduces damage and a powerful lance that generates a shock wave. Shockwave: 2000
Contact: 360
Special + Strike 30 seconds Clash with the Glacial Fortress (B-rank) For 30 seconds, spawns a shield that halves damage and a spear that emits a shockwave when using a boost. The spear can also damage enemies by touching them.
Trinity Fire (トリニティファイア
Toriniti Faia
Trinity Fire KHIII.png Launches a series of colorful fireworks at enemies. Hit: 100
Explosion: 200
Special + Shot 24 seconds 1000 Munny (available from the start) Shoot 2 fireworks, a total of 3 times. The fireworks explode on contact, damaging nearby enemies.
Decoy Duckies (トラックダッキーズ
Torakku Dakkīzu
?, lit. "Track Duckies")
Decoy Duckies KHIII.png Summons rubber duckies that stop enemy fire, then sail toward enemies and explode. 700 Special + Strike 36 seconds 1000 Munny (available after clearing Monstropolis and Arendelle) Spawn three ducks around the Gummi Ship. When attacked, the ducks hit the nearest enemy and disappear.