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This article is about the Gummi enemy.
You may be looking for the Gummi Ship Blueprint.

Japanese シュヴァルツガイスト

Rōmaji Shuvarutsugaisuto
Type Gummi Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts III

Part HP Number of Parts Break Bonus
Base 100000 1 X
Missile Pod 30000 3 O
Shield 4000 1 O
Monitor 30000 1 X
Part Shot Laser Strike Special
Heart x0.6 x1.2 x1.44 x1.2
Body x0.25 x0.5 x0.5 x1.0
Head x0.1 x0.2 x0.2 x1.0
Legs x0.1 x0.2 x0.2 x1.0
Missile Pod x1.0 x1.0 x1.5 x.12
Shield x0.4 x0.3 x1.5 x1.2
Monitor x1.0 x0.05 x1.5 x1.2
Misty Stream

The Schwarzgeist is a Gummi Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. It can be fought in the Misty Stream using a Gummi Ship with 200 or more Speed.


The Schwarzgheist is based on the SS-01 SchwarzGheist from Einhänder. Schwarzgeist, meaning "black ghost" in German, was the stage 6 boss of the game. If beaten in a certain way it would send out the Monitor, something which it also does in its appearance in Kingdom Hearts III. Its attack patterns in Kingdom Hearts III, most notably its laser attack, are all derived from its appearance in Einhänder.

It has a unique battle theme among Gummi bosses; an arrangement of Thermosphere, the theme played while fighting it in Einhänder. When fighting the Schwarzgeist with the Endymion Special Blueprint, the original version of Thermosphere will play instead. Regardless of the ship used, the original version of Monitor's battle theme, Afterimage, will be played while fighting it.


The SS-01 SchwarzGheist originated from Einhänder, a scrolling shooter developed and released for the PlayStation in 1997 by Square.