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Japanese タンク

Rōmaji Tanku
Type Gummi Nobody
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Basic Red Gold
Score 200 800 1600
HP 70 1000 1800
Damage 1 1 1
Charge 2 50 100
Orbs Medal Orb x2 Medal Orb x8
HP Orb x4
Medal Orb x16
HP Orb x8

Floating Island
Thunder-G, Bridge-G
Splash Island, Floating Island

The Tank is a Gummi Nobody that is found in Kingdom Hearts II.


A normal Tank has a vaguely cannon-shaped, yellow body with white and brown highlights and a white Nobody symbol on its front. There are two small, yellow spikes on its bottom. It also has two yellow and brown, conical wheels on its sides, both of which have black markings on them.

The Tank's name refers to tank, war vehicles that it has vague similarities to.


It often appears in great numbers, but is among the weakest of the enemies. This Nobody Ship is simply a grey cannon that shoots cannonballs at the Gummi Ship with a slow refire rate.