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Blaze Cluster

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Blaze Cluster
Katakana ダズリングボール Heartless Emblem.png

Romaji Dazuringu Bōru
Japanese Dazzling Ball
Type Gummi Heartless
Game Kingdom Hearts III

HP Score Prizes
Basic 150 8000 HP prize (large) x1
HP prize (small) x4
Rare 250 16000 HP prize (large) x2
HP prize (medium) x1
HP prize (small) x3
SP 400 24000 HP prize (large) x5
HP prize (medium) x1
HP prize (small) x1
Shot Laser Strike Special
x0.03 x0.01 x0.01 x0.05
The Eclipse

The Blaze Cluster is a Gummi Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts III.