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This article is about the Nobody Gummi enemy.
You may be looking for the Gummi Ship Blueprint.


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Japanese フライヤー

Rōmaji Furaiyā
Translation Flyer
Type Gummi Nobody
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Basic Red Gold
Score 400 1200 2400
HP 600 1500 3600
Damage 1 1 1
Charge 4 50 100
Orbs Medal Orb x4
HP Orb x2
Medal Orb x12
HP Orb x6
Medal Orb x24
HP Orb x12

Floating Island
Gravity-G, Drill-G, Fira-G x2, Mini-Propeller-G, Comet-G, Saw-G, Angel-G x2
Ancient Highway
Blizzara-G, Material-G x10, Neon Orb-G, Sonic Turbo-G, Angel-G, Hurricane-G, Typhoon-G, Blizzara-G, Rotor-G, Saw-G
Assault of the Dreadnought
Splash Island, Floating Island, Ancient Highway, Broken Highway, Sunlight Storm, Assault of the Dreadnought

The Phoenix is a Gummi Nobody that is found in Kingdom Hearts II.


A basic Phoenix has a long, thin body with a round, purple head. Its head has a yellow spike on it, it has a white cross emblazoned on its face, and its body is pink with a purple base. It has two purple, sickle-shaped "wings" attached to the sides of its body. Each wing sports three wide, white and pink "feathers" with yellow tips. These are actually the Phoenix's guns. There are also red and gold versions of this Nobody.

The Phoenix is a recurring summon from the Final Fantasy series which has the appearance of a crimson bird of paradise. The Nobody Ship's design resembles that of a Phoenix. "Flyer" could be referencing the ship's wing-like limbs.


It uses lasers to attack the Gummi Ship. The Red and Gold versions drop treasures when defeated.