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Spiked Roller

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Spiked Roller

Spiked Roller KHII.png

Spiked Roller R KHII.png

Spiked Roller G KHII.png

Japanese ミサイラー

Rōmaji Misairā
Translation Missiler
Type Gummi Nobody
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Basic Red Gold
Score 400 1200 2400
HP 700 1500 3600
Damage 1 1 1
Charge 4 50 100
Orbs Medal Orb x4 Medal Orb x12
HP Orb x6
Medal Orb x24
HP Orb x12

Phantom Storm
Cyclone-G, Thruster-G, Neon Bar-G, Comet-G
Sunlight Storm
Round Light-G, Darkness-G, Meteor-G, Comet-G, Thruster-G, Rotor-G, Blizzara-G, Neon Bar-G
Phantom Storm, Sunlight Storm
Spiked Roller B

Spiked Roller B KHII.png

Japanese ミサイラーB
Rōmaji Misairā B
Translation Missiler B

Type Gummi Nobody
Game Kingdom Hearts II
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
The World That Never Was 100 80
Physical Fire Blizzard
- -
Thunder Dark Neutral
- -
The World That Never Was

The Spiked Roller is a Gummi Nobody that is found in Kingdom Hearts II.


The Spiked Roller is a mechanical Nobody with a head that is spherical with a rounded protrusion on its underside and an arrowhead-shaped spike on its top. Its face sports a white cross that resembles the Nobody insignia. Two "arms" are attached to either of its sides, both of which end in cross-shaped guns. The Spiked Roller's head and arms are an indigo color, the spike on its head is yellow, and the guns are shades of pink and purple with tan tips. During the battle with Xemnas's draconian form, a version of the Spiked Roller appears that is colored in metallic shades of steel blue and sky blue. The cross on its face is black in this version. There are also glowing Red and Gold versions of this enemy.

The Spiked Roller's name references the shape of the ships arms, and how it rolls the spiked wheel-like arms in order to move. Its Japanese name, "Missiler", may be a reference to the real-world Missileer fighter plane.


They float about the screen, firing lasers from their spikes at regular intervals. The Red and Gold versions drop treasures when defeated.