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Japanese アタッカー

Rōmaji Atakkā
Translation Attacker
Type Gummi Nobody
Game Kingdom Hearts II

Basic Red Gold
Score 200 800 1600
HP 150 1000 1800
Damage 5 5 5
Charge 2 50 100
Orbs Medal Orb x2 Medal Orb x8
HP Orb x4
Medal Orb x16
HP Orb x8

Stardust Sweep
Fire-G, Thunder-G, Blizzard-G, Screw Propeller-G, Cyclone-G, Thruster-G, Cyclone-G, Thruster-G, Drill-G, Rotor-G
Stardust Sweep, Assault of the Dreadnought

The Cyclops is a Gummi Nobody that is found in Kingdom Hearts II.


A basic Cyclops is an a mechanical Nobody and has a relatively small, light green body. Its head is a conical, dark green spike and has a white Nobody emblem displayed on it. Its legs wide and both are colored in shades of green—light green at the base, regular green in the middle, and dark green at the top. They are attached to the sides of its body by short, yellow rods. The Cyclops's arms are thinner, have yellow, pyramidal tips, and attach to the sides of its head. They are colored in the same manner as the Nobody's legs. There are also red and gold versions of this Nobody.

According to Greek and Roman mythology, a Cyclops is a giant with a single eye in the middle of its forehead, which could be referencing the circular, eye-like design present on the Nobody's body. It is also the name of a Final Fantasy enemy. The Japanese name, "Attacker", could be referencing the Nobody's tendency to fire continuous shots at the Gummi ship.


It is a stationary Nobody, often found clinging to walls. It rotates its arms while firing shots at the Gummi Ship. The Red and Gold versions drop treasures when defeated.