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Compiled commands are special attacks that replace deck commands in the Labyrinth of Olympus Coliseum, in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.


List of compiled commands[edit]

Type Ability Target Description Attribute Reload count Strength
Attack Sonic Surge One distant Performs a front-flip to strike an enemy with the Keyblade. None 65 1.7
Sonic Line Pierce Performs a single lunge down a row of enemies. None 75 1.2
Faithblade All enemies Jump up into the air and then crash down into enemies, while conjuring pillars of light that lance into enemies. None 85 1.0
Star of Faith One distant Perform an uppercut to an enemy. None 90 2.2
Subjugate All enemies Jump up into the air and then crash down into enemies to cause an explosion. None 110 1.55
Blade Line Pierce Slash a row of enemies. None 100 1.75
Magic Freeze Line Pierce Releases a blast of ice. Ice 100 1.45
Explosion One distant Causes an explosion. Fire 90 1.9
Breath of Zeus All enemies Releases a rampaging cyclone. Aero 140 1.55
Zeus's Spear All enemies Releases a flurry of lightning bolts. Thunder 110 1.25
Friend Cure All allies Restores each party member's HP. None 90 1.0 (HP)
Random License All allies Bestows the effect of a random license. None 120 N/A