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Boiling Point

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Boiling Point
(エクシードヒット Ekushīdo Hitto?, lit. "Exceed Hit")

Attack No. of Hits Power Hit rate
Boiling Point 3-6 0.85 500%
Target Type Element Critical %
Single (Near) Attack icon Physical 0%
Final hit: 100%

Boiling Point is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It allows the user to deal a series of strikes to enemies.


Boiling Point is a special attack used by Data-Sora in the Labyrinth. Data-Sora executes an extended, five-hit combo on an enemy in the front row. If the enemy is defeated, he will continue the combo against the next available enemy. If the fourth strike does not defeat an enemy, the combo will end with two more strikes in rapid succession against the enemy. If all enemies are defeated, the combo will end.

Learning Boiling Point[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

  • Data-Sora may randomly use Boiling Point in place of an attack following a successful button A press, while in the Labyrinth.

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