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Explosion (KHREC)

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This article is about the compiled command.
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(エクスプロージョン Ekusupurōjon?)

Attack Power
Explosion 1.9 2.85 3.61 4.275 4.845
Target Type Element Reload Count
Single (Far) Magic Command Magic Fire 90
(エクスプロージョン Ekusupurōjon?)
Explosion in KHUX
Attributes Target Gauge Cost Damage
Speed Upright All 4 7★: x7.24 - 8.45
7★: Deals 5 hits. 1 turn: ↑ U-STR & STR by 3. Inflicts more damage the lower the slot number.

Explosion is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, within the Labyrinth, and Kingdom Hearts Union χ. It allows the user to release an explosion that causes damage to an enemy.


In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Explosion is a magic-type compiled command that targets a single enemy. Its strength factor is 1.9 and it has a reload count of 90. It is Fire-attributed.

In Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Explosion is a special attack that targets all enemies. It costs 4 special attack gauges to perform. It inflicts more damage the lower the slot number.

Special attack Rarity Base •• ••• •••• ••••• Hits
Explosion +5 6★ x1.78 - 2.99 x1.84 - 3.05 x1.90 - 3.11 x1.96 - 3.17 x2.02 - 3.23 x2.08 - 3.29 5
Explosion +6 7★ x7.24 - 8.45 5

Special attack Player Buff Target Debuff Duration
+5 +6 +5-6
Explosion Strength +3 Strength +3
Upright-based strength +3
1 turn

Learning Explosion[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]