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Star of Faith

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Star of Faith
(ホーリースター Hōrī Sutā?, lit. "Holy Star")

Attack Power
Star of Faith 2.2 3.3 4.18 4.95 5.61
Target Type Element Reload Count
Single (Far) Attack Command Physical 90

Star of Faith is a technique that appears in the Labyrinth of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It allows the user to perform an uppercut to an enemy with the Keyblade.


Star of Faith is an attack-type compiled command that targets a single enemy. It has a reload count of 90 and a strength modifier of 2.2. It has no attribute. Star of Faith deals 1.1x damage when 2 party members are alive, and 1.2x damage when 3 party members are alive.

Learning Star of Faith[edit]

  • Data-Sora can compile the following deck command into Star of Faith LV1:
  • Data-Sora can combine the following compiled commands to achieve Star of Faith:
Command 1 Command 2 Command 3
Sonic Surge
Sonic Surge
Sonic Surge
Sonic Line
Freeze Line
Zeus's Spear
Breath of Zeus