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This article is about the weapon type.
You may be looking for the Gummi Nobody.

Shields (シールド Shīrudo?) are the weapon of choice for Goofy and Vexen. Besides attacking, Shields can be used to block attacks.

Goofy's Shields tend to come in various sizes. Smaller shields are generally stronger, but are harder to block with, while larger Shields can block more attacks, but have less power.

Vexen's Shields tend to take the name of a glacial period or of a scientific description or term. His signature weapon is called Frozen Pride. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, his Shield has its own HP gauge.

In Kingdom Hearts, Sora can wield the Dream Shield in his Dive to the Heart, and in Kingdom Hearts III, he can Formchange the Hero's Origin and Grand Chef Keyblades into Counter Shield and Frying Pan, respectively.

Goofy's Shields[edit]

Vexen's Shields[edit]