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Oogie's Manor

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Oogie's Manor

Artwork of Oogie's Manor
Japanese ブギーの屋敷

Romaji Bugī no Yashiki
Translation Boogie's Mansion
Games Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

World Halloween Town
Prominent locations
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts
Oogie's Manor | World Terminus
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Old Mansion
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts II
Simulated Twilight Town | Underworld | Christmas Town
Castle That Never Was | Cavern of Remembrance
Garden of Assemblage | Chambers of Repose and Waking
Introduced in Kingdom Hearts coded

Oogie's Manor is a huge mansion in Halloween Town owned by Oogie Boogie.


While any unopened treasure chest from the manor will reappear in the ditch after the battle, the Red Trinity must be activated before the battle or it will be unobtainable. This bug was corrected in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

Settings and Areas[edit]

Oogie's Manor is located on a high hill, only reachable via the Bridge or by climbing in the Bathtub. The manor is connected to the Bridge area by a broken rope bridge. The manor consists of wooden walkwayd and several odd-shaped buildings. At the top of the manor lies the Evil Playroom (小鬼たちの部屋 Saki-tachi no Heya?, lit. "Little Demons' Room"), where Lock, Shock, and Barrel are fought. Below the main entrance is a green door leading to the Torture Chamber (ブギーの拷問室 Bugī no Gōmon-shitsu?, lit. "Boogie's Torture Room"), where Oogie Boogie is fought.

After defeating Oogie Boogie, he fuses with the manor, creating a gigantic version of himself. After the manor collapses, the moonlight will reveal the Keyhole in Halloween Town, situated below Oogie's Manor.