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"The present that was stolen. It is beautifully wrapped."
Japanese プレゼント
Rōmaji Purezento

Item Rank Buy Sell
Decoy Presents
File:Decoy Presents KHII.png
"These presents were made as a decoy. They're almost perfect replicas."
Japanese おとりのプレゼント
Rōmaji Otori no Purezento

Item Rank Buy Sell
Decoy Present

The Present is a key item that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. It is retrieved after Sora defeats the Heartless in the Halloween Town Square during his second visit to Halloween Town.

Decoy Presents are used to lure out the Christmas present thief. They are obtained after completing the Gift Wrapping mini-game during Sora's second visit to Halloween Town.


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

On Sora's second visit to Halloween Town, Jack Skellington return some misplaced presents to Santa, only to discover that large quantities of the Christmas presents are being stolen. Immediately, Jack is alluded towards being the culprit. In order to clear his name, Jack, Sora, Donald, and Goofy are determined to find the real culprit.

Despite causing a commotion in Santa's workshop, Lock, Shock, and Barrel proclaim that they are not the thieves. Afterwards, Sally breaks the news that Heartless are attacking Halloween Town. The gang defeat the invaders, who were found playing with presents from Santa's workshop. Jack sighs disapprovingly at the destruction of a nicely-wrapped present, comically oblivious to the fact that he is stepping on the doll that was inside. Sora takes the box with him.

Suddenly, Dr. Finkelstein cries out in distress as he believes his latest experiment is also stolen, presumably by the same person stealing the presents. With a plan to catch the criminal, the gang make presents in Santa's workshop and use them as decoys to lure in the thief. They take the presents to a spot that Santa had recommended and hide themselves in a large wrapped box amongst the other decoys. The thief arrives and turns out to be The Experiment itself. The gang jump out of their hiding place and finally defeat the thief, earning Santa's praise.