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Gula's Keyblade

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Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]
Foreteller Gula's Keyblade
Gula's Keyblade
The Keychain for the Foreteller Gula's Keyblade.

Gula's Keyblade is the default form of Gula's Keyblade that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ.


Gula's Keyblade has a long, dark blue handle. Its pommel and guard resemble golden bolts of lightning. The base of the blade is an etching of a green-eyed leopard, and the shaft is formed from a golden, spiked blade with a wide, darkened middle, itself etched in yellow with an icon resembling Terra's Mark. The teeth are formed from a web of crystalline spikes, and have another etched icon with a general heart-like shape. The keychain is made of small, electrum crystals, and the token is a spiked electrum talisman with a Gazing Eye.