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Magic Boost

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This article is about the item.
You may be looking for the ability.
Magic Boost
Magic Boost KHII.png
"Increases Magic by 1.
Usable only from the Main Menu."
Japanese マジックアップ
Rōmaji Majikku Appu

Translation Magic Up
Item Rank Buy Sell
Magic Boost
Magic Boost
The Magic Boost sprite
"Permanently raises Magic by 1.
Use this item from the menu."
Japanese マジックアップ
Rōmaji Majikku Appu

Translation Magic Up
Item Rank Buy Sell
Magic Boost 10 Munny

Magic Boost is an item introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. It permanently boosts a character's Magic stat by 1 point. It can only be used in the Items Menu.


Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix[edit]


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Magic Boost: Obtain 40 different material types; obtain all Serenity materials.

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind[edit]

  • Magic Boost: Defeat Larxene's Data.

Other methods[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Magic Boost: Magic Boost is one of the possible Prize Postcard rewards. (1 time only)


Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

AP Boost KHII.png AP Boost
Requires Amateur Moogle (LV1)
Skill Recipe
Ingredients Mythril Gem KHII.png Mythril Gem x1
Power Crystal KHII.png Power Crystal x3
Dark Crystal KHII.png Dark Crystal x3
Frost Crystal KHII.png Frost Crystal x3
Rank S
EXP 49
Magic Boost KHII.png Magic Boost
Requires Junior Moogle (LV3) Modifier Serenity Crystal KHII.png Serenity Crystal x 1

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

The Magic Boost sprite Magic Boost
Requires Obtain 22 different synthesis materials.
Ingredients The Wellspring Gem material sprite Wellspring Gem x5
The Blazing Crystal material sprite Blazing Crystal x2
The Frost Crystal material sprite Frost Crystal x2
The Lightning Crystal material sprite Lightning Crystal x2
The Hungry Crystal material sprite Hungry Crystal x1

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