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Before the Daylight

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Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]
Before the Daylight
Theme Notes.png
Arranger Yoko Shimomura
Composer Yoko Shimomura
Length 3:21

"Before the Daylight" is a musical composition by Yoko Shimomura that appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. It is the field theme of Daybreak Town.


"Before the Daylight" is the field theme of Daybreak Town in Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]

  • Daybreak Town (Main Story): "A New Accessory", "The Foretellers", "Another World", "Fellow Keyblade Wielders", "Chirithy and Chirithy", "Ephemer", "Just Like the Dream", "A Broken Promise", "Dandelions", "Searching for Ephemer", "Master Ava's Guidance", "Skuld", "Into the Tower", "Skuld's Story", "Seeds of Hope", "New Friends", "Union Cross", "Number Four", "Secret Admirer", "I Need to Tell You", "A New Partner", "Shift Pride", "Elrena", "'Someone'", "Long Time, No See", "Strelitzia's Whereabouts", "It's Already Begun", "The Book"
  • Daybreak Town (Side Story): "A Shooting Star", "A Gummi Ship in Ruins", "Corridor of Darkness", "Darkness Draws Near", "I Shall Have Revenge", "Preparations", "Summer Vacation", "The Keyblade's Light"
  • Keyblade Graveyard: "The Wielders' Brawl", "Contemplation", "Nightmares Projected"
  • Enchanted Dominion: "Into the Corridor of Darkness"

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover[edit]

  • Chapters
  • Characters