Le Grand Bistrot

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Le Grand Bistrot is a dining establishment in Twilight Town, founded by Scrooge McDuck and run by Little Chef.


Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

During his travels, Scrooge encountered Little Chef after enjoying one of his dishes. As Little Chef wanted to expand his culinary horizons, Scrooge took the little rat's desire as an opportunity and funded Le Grand Bistrot in Twilight Town to help Little Chef fulfill his dream.

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy visit Twilight Town, they pass by Le Grand Bistrot, where they encounter Scrooge. Scrooge offers the trio a tarte aux fruits that Little Chef made as a token of gratitude for them rescuing him from the Heartless, and introduces Little Chef as the chef of the bistrot. As Little Chef wants to cook more culinary delights for Sora and company, Scrooge has the trio collect ingredients for Little Chef. As the trio collect ingredients on their quests, they often visit the restaurant, with Sora and Little Chef cooking meals and raising the restaurant to five stars.

During their travels, Sora and company are contacted by Chip and Dale, who inform them that Merlin is waiting for them to have a cup of tea. Realizing that Merlin is waiting for them at Le Grand Bistrot, the trio set forth to Twilight Town, where they encounter Merlin. At the restaurant, Merlin explains that Sora is missing on the cover of the Old Book, the home of the 100 Acre Wood, and has Sora enter the book to reconnect with his friends. Sora learns that his fall to darkness by Xehanort had caused his removal from the cover and Pooh's heart, and realizes that his connections are becoming weaker.