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Prize Postcard

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This article is about the item from Kingdom Hearts III.
You may be looking for the item from Kingdom Hearts.
Prize Postcard
The Prize Postcard sprite
"A postcard you got at the Moogle Shop. Put it in the mailbox in Twilight Town and good things may very well happen."
Japanese 応募ハガキ
Rōmaji Ōbo Hagaki

Translation Entry Postcard
Item Rank Buy Sell
Prize Postcard

The Prize Postcard is a key item that appears in Kingdom Hearts III. There is a chance of receiving a Prize Postcard after every visit to the Moogle Shop involving a purchase. This chance is unaffected by the amount of munny spent. Prize Postcards can be exchanged for random items at the mailbox next to the Moogle Shop in Twilight Town.

Obtainable Items[edit]

One time only[edit]

Item Rarity
Strength Boost Rare
Magic Boost Rare
Defense Boost Rare
Gourmand's Ring Common
Lucky Ring Common
Orichalcum+ Uncommon

Unlimited times[edit]

Item Rarity
Ether Uncommon
Refocuser Common
Tent Common
AP Boost Rare
Blazing Shard x3 Uncommon
Blazing Stone x2 Rare
Frost Shard x3 Uncommon
Frost Stone x2 Rare
Lightning Shard x3 Uncommon
Lightning Stone x2 Rare
Lucid Shard x3 Uncommon
Lucid Stone x2 Rare
Pulsing Shard x3 Uncommon
Pulsing Stone x2 Rare
Writhing Shard x3 Uncommon
Writhing Stone x2 Rare
Soothing Shard x3 Uncommon
Soothing Stone x2 Rare
Wellspring Shard x3 Uncommon
Wellspring Stone x2 Rare
Hungry Shard x3 Uncommon
Hungry Stone x2 Rare

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