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Risk Dodge

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Risk Dodge
(リスクドッジ Risuku Dojji?)
Press Circle right after an enemy breaks your guard to perform a variety of special evasive actions. You can counterattack while risk dodging by pressing X.
Attack Element Power Guard? Status
Form Value Reaction Value Revenge Value Repel LV
Risk Raid Attack Command Physical 2.0 O
8 1 0
Backlash Attack Command Physical 0.3+0.3+2.0 O
2+2+8 1+1+5 0
Rising Hook Attack Command Physical 0.3+1.0 O
2+4 1+5 0
Teleport Slash Attack Command Physical 0.4+2.0 O
3+8 1+5 0

Risk Dodge is an ability in Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to perform a variety of special evasive actions and counterattack when their guard is broken.


In Kingdom Hearts III, Risk Dodge is an action ability that costs 3 AP to equip. When Sora's guard is broken, pressing Circle allows him to dodge behind the enemy. While using Risk Dodge, Sora can counterattack by pressing X.

Risk Dodge's counterattacks are dependent on the type of dodge. When somersaulting over an enemy's head, Sora can counter with Risk Raid (カウンターレイド Kauntā Reido?, lit. "Counter Raid"), an attack similar to Strike Raid. When sliding behind the enemy in a manner similar to Reversal, Sora can counter with Backlash (バックスラッシュ Bakkusurasshu?, lit. "Backslash"), a series of slashes that end with a flipping slash. When going under an enemy's feet, Sora can counter with Rising Hook (フックアッパー Fukku Appā?, lit. "Hook Upper"), a series of uppercuts. When teleporting behind an enemy, Sora can counter with Teleport Slash (ワープスラシュ Wāpu Surasshu?, lit. "Warp Slash"), two heavy downward slashes.

Learning Risk Dodge[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ On Critical Mode, Sora has Risk Dodge as a default ability.