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Seven Elements

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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Seven Elements
Seven Elements
"A shield that focuses solely on magic. Raises max MP by 3."
Katakana セブンエレメンツ
Rōmaji Sebun Erementsu
Strength MP Recoil
+4 +3 1
Crit Rate Bonus
x0 +0
Shop Buy Sell
Item synthesis

The Seven Elements is a shield that can be wielded by Goofy in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


The Seven Elements has a peculiar shape, as it is comprised of seven smaller, circular shields of varying sizes, all of which have lilac-colored edges. The largest shield is light orange with an orange flame adorning its face. A shield with a white face decorated by four light green, heart-shaped leaves—meant to resemble a clover—is connected to the fire shield's lower left corner. The smallest of the seven shields, this one with a black face and a faded blue eight-pointed star on it, connects to the clover shield's upper left corner. Connected to the fire shield's upper right corner is a shield with a face covered by two interweaving spirals, one light green, and the other white. The second-largest shield is connected to the fire shield's upper left corner, this one being cyan with a large, white snowflake emblazoned on it. A white shield with two black clock hands twisted into an "s" shape is attached to the top of the snowflake shield. Finally, a yellow shield with two jagged, white lightning bolts connects to the left side of the snowflake shield.

It depicts the seven spells which appear in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Cure, Gravity, Stop, and Aero. Curiously, it appears as though made up of seven smaller shields combined to form a larger one.


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix[edit]

Seven Elements KHFM.png Seven Elements
Final Mix
Requires List VI
Ingredients Icon Material KH.png Blazing Stone x3
Icon Material KH.png Frost Stone x3
Icon Material KH.png Lightning Stone x3
Icon Material KH.png Dazzling Stone x5