Meteor Strike

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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Meteor Strike
Meteor Strike
"The most powerful staff. Sometimes deals critical blows."
Katakana メテオストライク
Rōmaji Meteo Sutoraiku
Strength MP
+13 +0
Crit Rate Crit Bonus
x1 +4
Buy Sell
Chest at the Giant Crevasse.

The Meteor Strike is a staff that can be wielded by Donald Duck in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


The Meteor Strike's handle is a dark shade of blue with a yellow, conical pommel and several yellow stars decorating its upper half. The head of the staff is connected to the handle by a zig-zagging shaft, while the head itself has a number of long spikes and several yellow stars on its back, creating the appearance of a meteor heating up upon entering the atmosphere. The staff's head also has two periwinkle-colored, spiral-shaped "eyes" and a jagged "mouth", not unlike that of a Heartless. The whole head is a mixture of blue, green, and yellow in color.


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