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This article is about the spell in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories.
You may be looking for the element or Zero Gravity.
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Gravity (グラビデ Gurabide?), Gravira (グラビラ Gurabira?), and Graviga (グラビガ Gurabiga?) are a series of magic that appear in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. They utilize the "power of the stars", and are associated with the Lucid material. Gravity spells form a miniature event-horizon that crushes their target, depleting a percentage of their HP and rendering them temporarily defenseless to further attacks.


Kingdom Hearts[edit]

In Kingdom Hearts, Graviga generates a weak event horizon that crushes the targets into the ground.

In Kingdom Hearts, Gravity is advanced magic that can be used by Sora and Donald. Gravity magic costs 1 MP to use, and its power is determined by the following equations:

  • Gravity: [(Max MP x 5) + 40]%
  • Gravira: [(Max MP x 5) + 55]%
  • Graviga: [(Max MP x 5) + 70]%

Genie may cast Gravity as part of his Showtime ability.

After Kairi's rescue, enemies' resistance to Gravity is increased.

Gravity magic is required to lower floating treasure chests at Hollow Bastion.

Gravity magic can be used to lower a beehive into a hole in a log in the 100 Acre Wood, allowing Pooh to cross over it during the Pooh's Muddy Path mini-game.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Sora using Graviga.

In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Gravity is a magic card that can be used by Sora.

The Genie summon card, Jack Skellington friend card, and their associated sleights can cast Gravity magic when used.

The Gravity card can be used in the following sleights:

Ability Description Obtained Requirements
Gravira (グラビラ
Deal damage relative to the enemy's remaining HP. Obtain Gravity. Gravity (card).png + Gravity (card).png
Graviga (グラビガ
Deal wide-range damage relative to the enemies' remaining HP. Obtain Gravity. Gravity (card).png + Gravity (card).png + Gravity (card).png
Gravity Raid[KH CoM] (グラビデレイド
Gurabide Reido
Hurl the Keyblade and trigger Gravity upon impact. Halloween Town Reward Gravity (card).png + Kingdom Key (card).png + Kingdom Key (card).png
Magnet Spiral[KH Re:CoM] (マグネスパイラル
Magune Supairaru
Pull multiple enemies closer before attacking them. Defeat Riku on the 8th floor. Gravity (card).png + Gravity (card).png + Kingdom Key (card).png
Tornado (トルネド
Blow away enemies in a wide area, inflicting damage and stunning them. Use the left analog stick to control the direction of the tornado. Level 32[KH CoM]
Level 37[KH Re:CoM]
Aero (card).png + Gravity (card).png + Simba (card).png
Aero + Gravity + Any summon card
Quake (クエイク
Inflict damage on all ground enemies with a violent tremor. 1st Atlantica Reward Gravity (card).png + Simba (card).png + Fire (card).png
Gravity + Simba + Any magic card
Warpinator (デジョネーター
?, lit. "Dezonator")
Eliminate the closest enemy. Not always successful. Defeat Riku on the 8th floor.[KH CoM]
Twilight Town Bounty[KH Re:CoM]
Stop (card).png + Gravity (card).png + Aero (card).png
Bind (バインド
Hold enemies in place. Enemies can still attack from their positions. Find Eeyore.[KH CoM]
1st Halloween Town Reward[KH Re:CoM]
Gravity (card).png + Stop (card).png + Fire (card).png
Gravity + Stop + Any magic card
Firaga Burst[KH Re:CoM] (ファイガバースト
Faiga Bāsuto
?, lit. "Figa Burst")
Shoot a large fireball into the air and rain down small fireballs over a wide area. Clear Balloon Glider. Fire (card).png + Fire (card).png + Gravity (card).png
Synchro (シンクロ
Set surrounding enemies' HP to that of the target. Find Rabbit.[KH CoM]
1st Wonderland Reward[KH Re:CoM]
Cure (card).png + Gravity (card).png + Aero (card).png

Gravity can also be used in the following sleights, which require a magic card of any type:

Ability Description Obtained Requirements
Homing Fira[KH CoM] (ホーミングファイラ
Hōmingu Faira
Cast a Fira spell that seeks out the targeted enemy. Neverland Bounty Aero (card).png + Fire (card).png + Gravity (card).png
Aero + Fire + Any magic card
Homing Blizzara (ホーミングブリザラ
Hōmingu Burizara
Cast a Blizzara spell that seeks out the targeted enemy. Atlantica Bounty Aero (card).png + Blizzard (card).png + Gravity (card).png
Aero + Blizzard + Any magic card
Gifted Miracle (ミラクルギフト
Mirakuru Gifuto
?, lit. "Miracle Gift")
Reload cards and reset the counter while restoring HP to friends and foes alike. Halloween Town Bounty Simba (card).png + Gravity (card).png + Jack (card).png
Any summon card + any magic card + Jack
Bambi (card).png + Blizzard (card).png + Potion (card).png
Bambi + Blizzard + Any item card
Teleport (テレポ
Rematerialize behind the targeted enemy, stunning it for a short time. Neverland Bounty Gravity (card).png + Gravity (card).png + Peter Pan (card).png
Any magic card + Any magic card + Peter Pan
Stop (card).png + Aero (card).png + Potion (card).png
Stop + Aero + Any item card
Blazing Donald[KH CoM] (ファイアドナルド
Faia Donarudo
?, lit. "Fire Donald")
Donald flubs a Fire spell... Agrabah Reward Fire (card).png + Donald Duck (card).png + Gravity (card).png
Fire + Donald Duck + Any magic card

Learning Gravity[edit]

Kingdom Hearts[edit]

Sora and Donald learn Gravity by obtaining the power of stars. Obtaining additional power advances Gravity to Gravira and Graviga.

Sora and Donald obtain the power of stars:

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories[edit]

Enemies that use Gravity[edit]

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