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Fair Game

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Fair Game
Fair Game
"A powerful weapon that draws forth its wielder's true worth."
Japanese フェアゲーム
Rōmaji Fea Gēmu
Strength Magic
Base Unit Ultima Base Unit
+124 +4 +15 +30 +4
Defense Crit Rate Crit Bonus
Base Unit Base Unit Base Unit
+0 +4 +10 +4 +19 +4
Attack Speed Approach Speed
Ground Air
1.0 1.0 1.0
1: Grand Slam
2: Critical Boost
3: Fire Finish
Zero Gear ⑤ (Luxord)

The Fair Game is a deck of Cards that can be wielded by Luxord in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. In Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III, the Fair Game is his only weapon.


The back of each card in the Fair Game deck is grey with a white border and displays five Nobody symbols in various positions. The largest of these is white with a black outline, while the other four are the same color grey as the rest of the card back, distinguishable only by their outlines. The reverse side usually depicts a slanted clock design. The numbers on the clock face are the Roman numerals for one to twelve, with the numeral for thirteen placed in the center. The minute and hour hands are black, stylized Nobody logos which point roughly at 11:56. During Luxord's battle in Kingdom Hearts II, the side of Fair Game normally sporting this clock design is also shown to have either a fireball design or no design at all, in addition to the normal clock pattern.

Fair Game is one of only four of Luxord's weapons whose name is not drawn from one of twenty-two cards that make up a Tarot deck's Major Arcana. The others are The Joker, Finest Fantasy 13, and High Roller's Secret.


The Fair Game's normal ground combo starts with Luxord performing a 360° spin, with his cards surrounding his legs, followed by a narrow spray of cards forward. Luxord ends his ground combo with an upward spiral of cards. The Y-Combo can be activated after the first spinning attack, and consists of Luxord performing a spinning leap, surrounded in an upward spiral of cards before ending with a two-handed diagonal swipe downwards with a large card held in each hand.

The aerial combo consists of Luxord performing a spinning leap upward, surrounded in an upward spiral of cards, before ending with a two-handed diagonal swipe downwards with a large card held in each hand.