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Real Organization XIII's Recreated Data

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The real Organization XIII's Recreated Data (真のXIII機関:再現データ Shin no Jūsan Kikan: Saigen Dēta?, lit. "Real Organization XIII: Recreated Data") is a set of thirteen optional boss fights found in the Limitcut Episode of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind. Using the Data Analysis function from the computer in Merlin's House grants access to the Garden of Assemblage datascape. As with Organization XIII's Replica Data, there are thirteen portals labeled with their member's signature weapon and are arranged in the same manner. Initially, only eleven of the thirteen portals are accessible, with Master Xehanort and Xion's respective portals becoming available once the other eleven have been defeated. When used, a portal will transport Sora to a digital arena where the battle will take place. Once a replica is defeated, it simply decodes until the next time it is challenged. Defeating all thirteen members will unlock the Secret Episode.

The battles are extremely difficult, with enhanced stats and attacks far beyond those of their real counterparts. While Organization XIII's Replica Data have similar moves and attack patterns to the original boss encounters, the Real Organization XIII's Recreated Data fights are changed significantly, introducing entirely original attacks, new hazards, unique mini-games, and other challenges such as unblockable attacks. Unlike Organization XIII's Replica Data, a defeated member will only drop an item upon their initial defeat.

List of Recreated Data[edit]

Organization member Reward
Master Xehanort's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
Master Xehanort
Master Belt
A version of the Heartless emblem associated with Ansem's Recreated Data.
Defense Boost
Xemnas's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
Power Weight
Xigbar's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
AP Boost
Luxord's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
Magic Weight
Larxene's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
Magic Boost
Marluxia's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
Magic Weight
Saïx's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
Power Weight
Terra-Xehanort's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
Strength Boost
Dark Riku's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
Dark Riku
Power Weight
Vanitas's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
AP Boost
Young Xehanort's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png
Young Xehanort
Magic Weight
Xion's Recreated Data KHIIIRM.png


Real Organization XIII's Recreated Data

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