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Kingdom Hearts Collaboration: Gummi Ship Campaign

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Kingdom Hearts Collaboration: Gummi Ship Campaign
Logo from the FFRKxKH Gummi Ship game
キングダム ハーツ コラボ
Kingudamu Hātsu Korabo
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Disney
Square Enix
Release date(s) Japan/Flag of the United States.png/Flag of European Union.png/Flag of Australia.png
February 10, 2018
Genre Arcade
Game modes Single player
Platform(s) Mobile Phone
Web Browser

Kingdom Hearts Collaboration: Gummi Ship Campaign, also written as FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper × KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] Collaboration Event – Gummi Ship Minigame, was an online minigame for smart devices based on the Gummi Ship mini-game from Kingdom Hearts II. It was available during the "Final Fantasy Record Keeper × Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] Collaboration Event" from February 10 to 16, 2018, a crossover campaign between Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Kingdom Hearts Union χ. The goal of the campaign is to collect points to unlock in-game rewards for both games.


The game has two game modes, Easy Mode and Hard Mode, each featuring 2 missions. After selecting a mission, players can choose a Gummi Ship model. At the start of the campaign, only one model was available, but one model was added each day of the campaign, up to a total of six, which needed to be unlocked by collecting medals.

The Gummi Ship can be controlled by dragging your finger on the screen. It shoots automatically. When releasing your finger, it will shoot lasers at locked-on targets. Enemy ships drop medals and HP orbs. At the end of the mission, your high score is determined by the number of medals collected and Gummi Ship used.

List of Gummi Ship Models[edit]

Model Description Unlock Date Required Medals
Kingdom Model from the FFRKxKH Gummi Ship game Kingdom Model:
A basic model.
02/10/18 0
Chocobo Model from the FFRKxKH Gummi Ship game Chocobo Model:
You'll get decent mileage.
02/11/18 200
Cactuar Model from the FFRKxKH Gummi Ship game Cactuar Model:
Tough as needles, er, nails.
02/12/18 800
Moogle Model from the FFRKxKH Gummi Ship game Moogle Model:
Synthesized with durable materials, kupo.
02/13/18 2400
Tonberry Model from the FFRKxKH Gummi Ship game Tonberry Model:
Sturdy with high HP.
02/14/18 4000
Highwind Alpha Model from the FFRKxKH Gummi Ship game Highwind Alpha Model:
Cid's pride and joy. The perfect Gummi Ship.
02/15/18 6000

List of enemy ships[edit]

List of in-game rewards[edit]

These rewards will be distributed to all players of Kingdom Hearts Union χ and Final Fantasy Record Keeper when the total amount of points collected by all participants reaches certain milestones.

Milestone Kingdom Hearts Union χ Reward Final Fantasy Record Keeper Reward
100,000,000 pt 10 6★ Moogle Medals 10 Mythril, 15 of each Major Orb
300,000,000 pt 10 6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie Medals 2 Stamina Potions, 2 Memory Crystal III Lodes
1,500,000,000 pt 1 6★ Cid 10 Medal 20 of each 4★ Mote (Spirit, Dexterity, Vitality, Wisdom, Bravery), 50 Giant Scarletite and Giant Adamantite
3,500,000,000 pt 1 6★ Illustrated Sephiroth Medal 10 of each 5★ Mote (Spirit, Dexterity, Vitality, Wisdom, Bravery), 3 Dark Matter (5★)
10,000,000,000 pt 1 6★ Illustrated Cloud Medal, 600 Jewels 3 Stamina Potions, 1 Kingdom Key (KH) (5★ weapon)


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