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Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter

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Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter
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Developer(s) Disney
Publisher(s) Disney
Release date(s) United States 2009-2012[?]
Genre Art game
Game modes Single player
Platform(s) Online Flash Game
"Go on a quest to Castle Oblivion and create a drawing that won't be forgotten."

Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter was an online flash game released as part of Disney Create on It has since been discontinued and is no longer officially accessible. It is a creative art studio game and is not canon to the Kingdom Hearts series in any way.


Disney Create was an online gallery where users could create and share art. Aimed at a younger demographic, the free-to-play activity center featured a variety of creative options in addition to the Digital Painter line of applications, including Comic Creator, Video Mashup, Photo Mashup, Flip Book creator, and a Group Wall where these creations could be shared.[1][2] There were well over 100 different Digital Painters, each based on a different Disney property.

The Disney Create service launched sometime about or before September 2009, and it is assumed that the Digital Painter line launched alongside the service. The Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter was released sometime between the launch of Disney Create and January 2012. On May 1, 2014, Disney Create closed its doors, making Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter inaccessible.[1]

Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter incorporates media from Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II.


Brush Styles showcase
The canvas with a brush style resembling feathers from Sephiroth's wing.

Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter is an online art studio featuring gameplay identical to the rest of the Digital Painter line of Disney Create web applications. The game features a large central canvas on which the player can draw and an array of settings and options to assist in the drawing.

The color, size, and opacity of the brush can be changed through a permanent color menu. In addition, there are nine different tabs which affect how the drawing can be edited:

  • Pen: Change the pattern that is drawn with the cursor. There are fifteen different brush styles – four of them are generic strokes that appear in many Digital Painter games, while the remaining eleven are unique patterns based on the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • Stamp: Add one of 53 different images from the Kingdom Hearts series to the canvas. The images are sourced from developmental artwork, Key Art, or logos. There are also icons and stylized names that were originally created for Kingdom Hearts Digital Painter.
  • Spray Can: Layer color onto the image with the cursor, mimicking a can of spray paint.
  • Fill: Completely fill the canvas or an enclosed area with a solid color or pattern.
  • Text: Insert customizable text.
  • Hand: Make the cursor able to move, resize, and rotate existing lines and images.
  • Eraser: Make the cursor able to remove lines and images from the canvas.
  • Dropper: Set the current color to an existing color selected by the cursor.
  • Magnify: Zoom the canvas in or out.

When the Disney Create service was still active, drawings could be shared with other players on the website's Group Wall feature.


  • The Stamp featuring the Heartless symbol is not transparent like other stamps. Instead, it has a white rectangular background.

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