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Special Attack

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This article is about the abilities from Kingdom Hearts Union χ.
You may be looking for the abilities in the Labyrinth in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Special Attacks (アビリティ Abiriti?, lit. "Ability") is a type of attack in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. They are the main form of abilities. Special Attacks are tied to Medals, with each Medal having a different special attack.


Special Attacks can be used by swiping a Medal to the center of the screen when the player has enough special attack gauges to use it. Special Attacks can either target a single enemy, all enemies, or random enemies. Special Attacks can have various effects, ranging from only dealing damage to inflicting buffs and debuffs, restoring HP or gauges, alter the enemy's counter, or even change the next Medal's attribute. The damage of a Special Attack depends on the Medal's rarity, and the amount of special attack dots filled or the Special Attack Bonus.